Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Eye candy

A little eye candy to start... my favourite little corner of our house at the moment
Lamp/shade Habitat sale, everything else car boot finds.  Tan and teal, nice.
Buttonberry closing down bargains, Lecien lovelies, even better close up.
Selection for a Union Jack block for Erica, Ringo Pie Bee.  Kona banana, vintage Liberty Tana Lawn and vintage strawberry donkey print, yum.

Erica made this beauty, a fabric hoarding block.
Hoarding Block for Kerry
 The last of my collectables blocks from Ringo pie.  She made great fabric choices and the tomato pin cushion is perfect.  Once I have it, I'll be working out how to put them together.  In the meantime, I have over 200 followers, can't believe it, Damian has been checking each day- he was more excited than me.  Welcome to you all!  
Some food for thought, take a read of this post on Free online crafty stuff, found it on Anna's Noodlehead blog and it is a thoughtful read.  
And if you are quilting-a-long (you can join in at any time) there is now a Flickr group with some beautiful blocks completed by Madame Parfait and Julia.  You are welcome to add anything that you make from my tutorials.  I found it hard to have the guts to make a Flickr group for this purpose:  it seemed a bit presumptuous, I think it's a confidence thing, anyway I can see it will be useful and I need to get over myself!
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  1. I like your little corner!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Love the little owl money boxes!
    And the flickr group is a great idea! You have lovely tutorials and I like seeing other peoples takes on things :)

  3. I don't think it's presumptuous at all to have a flickr group. I think if you are kind enough to share your skills with us all it's only fair you get to see and enjoy what we make!

    I love your cosy corner. Those owls are so cute!

  4. Your union jack block is going to be wonderful - you scored some great fabrics from that closing down sale too - and I was in the studio when that banana was being cut! I didn't seen Erica's block before it's wonderful - did I miss it on flickr or did she just mail is direct - it's fabulous.

  5. Oh that block is amazing, I love seeing all these fun Bee blocks you are making!!


  6. Those owl containers are adorable. Lucky girl, that block is awesome.

  7. Delicious eye candy - bet you can't wait to make something lovely with them!

  8. What a fun block! I can't wait to see your quilt put together.

    I read through that post and some of the comments about "free". It was interesting. I make things for the pleasure of it and could make a lot more money per hour working at some other kind of job, but it seemed like a lot of the commenters thought otherwise.

  9. OOhh I love those little owls! So cute!
    And okay, I'll ask...what is a car boot? ^_^

  10. Car boot is like a giant public yard sale. The one I go to is every Sunday form 7.00am- a bit earlier for the really good stuff! It is at a livestock market and on a good week there are 350 stalls and 50 traders- traders sell stuff for a living, could be cheap socks, calendars, bread, cheese etc. The stall holders are a mix of people just clearing out their stuff, house clearance e.g. after house removals or even the death of the owner. I went to my first around 1987 when I was 17 and I loved it. I must get the majority of stuff in our house form there- furniture, clothes, kitchenalia. There is a rag stall run by a regular trader- clothes, bedding etc and it is a competitive place for any goodies. I try and haul myself out of bed rain or shine every Sunday. Damian (partner) and Lula aren't bothered but they enjoy some of my spoils.

  11. Your corner looks lovely, and the little owls caught my eye too! I love your new fabrics too, bright and spring-ly colors!

    Happy Thursday, Kerry!


  12. Gorgeous fabrics and the lamp is so pretty!

  13. It's so nice to hear you have all 12 blocks for your Ringo Pie quilt! I can't wait to see how you'll put them together. Erica's fabric collection block is super cute! The tomato pincushion is the best!
    I have no doubt you'll have a lot more followers as time goes because your blog rocks :)


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