Friday, 25 February 2011

Fabric Gifts- the best kind

I had two great fabric parcels yesterday, the best thing to get in the post and both form overseas. Firstly a parcel from Ayumi containing packets of goodness from Japan!  She put together a little parcel for each coaster make from Suzuko Koseki's gifts at the Tokyo Quilt Festival/
Ayumi also sent me the cutest stickers and postcard, I could seriously lose myself in a shop selling stuff like this.  Ayumi, you choose the best things!  The little jar of peanut butter jumped out at me straightaway, and the box of biscuits with the Bonne Maman style gingham box.  She has a great blog entry with some amazing pics of Zakka gifts and goodies here.
And this beautiful silky, shimmery pile is the Block party Prize for my spools block generously provided by Kim at Poppy Seed Fabrics.  She has a wonderful range of fabric but it was these Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voiles that really stood out.  Kim has such a good selection and some lovely rainbow Little Folks bundles including the new pastry line with the scalloped stripe.  I got a big length of pastry voile  in 'water' (the blue) to make a Pochee tunic and the other FQs are to make a silky blanket/quilt of dresdens.  
A big thank you to Kim, Heather and Megan at Quiltstory and everyone who commented on my little block x  
Remember to visit here tomorrow- a fabric giveaway is sitting ready for someone to win!
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  1. what a lovely mail day! it's so fun getting new goodies. :)

  2. I can hardly wait getting the parcels from the doormat to the kitchen!

  3. Pretty fabrics!! I've developed a serious AMH voile addiction, I think it will be all I wear this summer.

  4. Ever since I started to sew (and to buy fabric online, and to take part in virtual quilting bees) I *love* to get mail! You had a good delivery today -- enjoy! BTW, I have some of those Little Folks voiles myself, but haven't decided what I want to make from I can hardly wait to see your dresdens!! Have fun. --Jennifer (aka wooly jen / enchanted bobbin)

  5. Fab parcels Kerry! Is the tunic hard to make? I would so so love something like that, I liked the 1st one you made. I'm a beginner at clothes sewing! Do you think I could do it???

  6. It didn't take me a few seconds to decide that the post card was definitely something I was getting for you! And the sticker is way too cute like the mini quilt you made recently! And congratulations again on being a block party winner! The fabric looks beautiful. I'm sure you'll make really nice things with it!


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