Saturday, 12 February 2011

Memory Game

I do love vintage memory games cards and I found another set at the carboot last Sunday- Waddingtons, dating from late 1960s.  They are illustrated by Alain Gree.
 I thought these looked familiar and then I had seen them on ingthings.  Ingrid always has a clever, simple and creative blog header.  It features a 'little family'- check it out now before it changes, she likes to refresh it frequently.  I remember at least one image on hers that I don't have and yet there are over 120 in the box.
The patterns look textured, not just blocks of colour.  And you can see the fabric weave on the black/white dotties
A weird selection of still life images
Joyful illustrations

My favourite, it is giving my ideas...
Happy weekend x
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  1. I'm pretty sure that I had that set when I was growing up, although I really don't remember the photos of faces being in that set.
    Thanks for the memories!!

  2. Some of these look really familiar and others really don't! I think my nan had some of these...they remind me of her at least.

  3. oooooooh, this is the very one i grew up with. these images are imprinted in my mind. i did not know they were alain gree though. this is why i was always so fond of his illustrations. i even bought some alain gree fabric recently and incorporated them in a quilt i made for my daughter.
    your favorite is my favorite as well. i always called it "the little klee" since paul klee has some similar paintings in his work.
    regards from germany, a.

  4. Thankyou 'a'! Alain Gree's work is so lively and optimistic. I love the sound of fabric by him!

  5. It looks like it was in a lot of households

  6. I love the picture of the girl with the yellow 70's!

  7. Hi Kerry, I read this post about the lotto cards, I didn't know they were from Alain Gree.
    A week ago I read a post from a dutch blogger who used his images for het webshop, she received a message from a lawyer (from the Alain Gree publisher)that she had to remove the images right away..(copyright thing..)
    Knowing this, and reading your post, made me decide to remove my header, I don't want to get in trouble for a few nice images..
    Thanks for letting know who the images were from,
    and I'm sorry I removed it (again..)
    Please ley me know wich image you're missing, i'll send it to you (with pleasure)

  8. Another message form NL: I grew up with this set too!
    And I loved it, because I was sooooo good at it.
    That was before I started to read, then my whole world changed
    Into an even nicer place!

  9. This is the exact set I grew up playing with. We still have it. My mom kept every match and now our kids play with it. What memories.


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