Friday, 1 October 2010

I ♥ Suzuko Koseki

I had such a lovely day yesterday, thank you for  all the good wishes and some great comments on the giveaway-click here if you want to enter.  One of my best presents was from Damian a great big pile of fabric, from Japan and most of it designed by Suzuko Koseki.  First peak...

A little mini pack of red prints, I can't quite put into words how much I like these fabrics.  I bought Machine Made Patchworks- also known as Patchwork Style a couple of years ago, the original non translation version and I was enraptured by it.  I had never seen fabrics with text, I had no idea where to get them or who had designed them, I didn't even know the book and the fabrics were by the Suzuko Koseki as all the text was in Japanese.  I had just got into sewing again with Clothkits and Gossypium and any text I found on fabric kits or labels I saved so I could create my own text fabric.  I searched ebay and found a few odd fabric panels from America of repro food packages and signs but not the real thing.  I knew there was more out there but I didn't know where to look... break for another set of pictures.

Close up on a fav...

Gradually on blogs like True Up I picked up more info, the name Suzuko Koseki and recognised the prints but only found the odd one at Sew mama Sew or Purl Soho and never what I really wanted.  Eventually, through Ayumi at Pink Penguin I found a Japanese shop with a fantastic range, Cotton Garden and with translation tools, the patience of the shop owner and Ayumi checking my email translations, plus a tortuous set of attempts paying by credit card and my bank getting all worried about Japanese transactions in the middle of the night- we succeeded.  I have had to wait a few months to see them, but wow, they were worth it.   Text, labels, kitchen images, squares, grids, lines,vintage style prints- my mum was perplexed by the misspelt words- these are the fabrics of my dreams!  If I could have fabric shop stocking these prints, I would be utterly content.

I felt I hadn't spent enough time with these fabrics yesterday- it was a hectic day.  I wanted to sit, look and touch them in their neat folded piles.  I would have quite happily laid down naked and covered my body in the little folded stacks whilst Damian took pictures- he was game- but do you know there wasn't time!
I have been trying out some print combos together as you can see in the pics, but all in all they render me speechless x

I have just added a flickr group I ♥ Suzuko Koseki- are you a fan?  Come and join...

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  1. Awww I love every single fabric you got in the package!! I am almost drooling over here because those fabrics are just so perfect! I know how hard it is to find cute fabric with text! I wish Suzuko would design more fabric like this - vintage kitchen theme and lots of words ;)
    Oh I found a few more shops that I know you'll like. Let me know when you want to get more fabrics! Let's shop together again :)

  2. My gosh those are totally awesome!!! I would have to take them to bed with me.hah.ah.ah..a
    I know you will do something very cool with those!!

  3. oh these are amazing amazing amazing! can't wait to see what you'll be making with them! {i might just stare at them all day! *sigh*!}

    + thanks for being part of the blog-a-thon, nicey!

  4. Lovely fabrics! I'm a new Follower and look forward to the unique (often vintage) "feel" of your blog in the future. It's great!

  5. Absolutely love every single one of your fabrics. I am enraptured by Suzuko Koseki too :) And thanks for starting a flickr group- Amy Badskirt let me know!

  6. I just saw the fabric that you liked for the DQS10... and I thought... gotta check her out!! LOVE what you have here. I have been collecting all the text fabric I can find too. I don't know why I like it so much, but it is wonderful! Thanks for all the new ideas!

  7. Just stumbled onto this, Kerry. Have only learned about Japanese fabrics in the past few months, and I love them, too! You've given me a lot of inspiration by how you use these fabrics. Thank you!


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