Saturday, 16 October 2010


Lula is away this weekend on a school trip, last time that happened I ended up buying a whole load of sewing books to compensate.  This time more self control.  I'm having a big sort out and tidy up in preparation for opening a little Etsy shop!  I find so many vintage textile bits and pieces and I can't keep them all so this seems like a happy solution.  More news soon...
Meanwhile I am working on her quilt, started months ago (see here), when I pulled it out of the box this week I had not got as far as I had thought- a lot of sewing seems to go on in my head but not actually in real life.  I have almost finished the piecing on my trusty Featherweight.

 I do all my piecing on this machine-as the needle can't swing (no zig zag) it sews very straight and accurate small stitches.  The feedogs must grab the fabric as it never falters or eats the fabric at the beginning or end of seams.  Consequently I can do a bit of forwards/backwards at each end of the seam and everything stays tight.  I know this goes against machine patchwork convention but I prefer it.
I have another block from Ringo Pie, this time it is Corey of Little Miss Shabby see it here.  It is the most beautiful collection of baskets, so neatly pieced together and the fabric choices are to die for.

  It is always a bit strange when one of us goes away, we are a tight knit little family of  three and all very homey but she has to go into the world and have exciting independent experiences.  So I'll post a load of homey domestic vintage loveliness for you. 

 These were not thrifty purchases- which is most unlike me- but I cannot resist home and especially kitchen fabric and these were worth the spend. First two are from Donna Flower, warning, you may end up considerably poorer after visiting her website!

And these are ebay, only tiny pieces but all have great potential...

This was thrifted, in fact the man at the shop said I could have it.  It is a bit tatty but the pictures are so darn good.  1964 Woman Improve Your Home Book magazine insert with TV's Barry Bucknell.

I have many quilt wall-hanging type ideas from these pics.

Unsurprisingly, I just love this page- who wouldn't?  Brushes have never looked so good.

Enjoy your weekend x

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  1. Kerry, I so appreciate your eye for vintage anything. The magazine insert is a hoot. I hate to admit I can remember these things, being the very years of first setting up housekeeping as a newlywed. Enjoy your weekend, hope you get lots done to show here!

  2. You should have one of those blogs where you just have pictures of all your cool stuff - your house must be stuffed to the gunnells (sp?). Can't wait to see your Etsy shop. I hope Lula is having a great time away from home. I've been sewing Penguin blocks all day amidst kids going here there and everywhere. No-one tells you that being a mum is actually the same as being a taxi driver.

  3. I love your sewing machine :) Donna's fabric is always beautiful x

  4. Those vintage fabrics are very precious! The first one with chairs, tables, and bookshelves is my favorite but they are all amazing. And those pages from your vintage book just gave me an idea to work on today :D Thanks for the inspiration!


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