Sunday, 8 July 2012

Play time

We were meant to be on a little holiday this weekend but the weather conspired against us and we realise on Friday there would be little chance in going.  As it turned out there were floods on the route we were going on and it has been bad in Devon- though not where we live- so a staycation has been in order.  Yesterday I spent a bit of time just playing with ideas, not something I do very often but I should, it leads me to new places! 
Secret Garden- Playing around with ideas for Brit Quilt
These are Secret Garden blocks, similar to Cathedral Windows, I followed a tutorial here.  They are not especially hard, all hand sewing and easy to cut out.  Mine are 2.5 inches square.  It was a test run for my Brit Mini Quilt swap partner so I am waiting to see if s/he comments.  I also got a chance to make an ice lolly from Ayumi's new popsicle pattern for Superbuzzy.  It is the first of a series of Block of the Month patterns!  If you haven't done much paper piecing, this is an idea pattern as it is very straightforward.  This will be for my daughter, an ice lolly pillow, a surprise for her birthday.

Ayumi's new Popsicle pattern for Superbuzzy BOM
And as I wasn't away I got a chance to go the car boot sale.  I saw all the fabric ladies- Mary + daughter, Wendy and Barbra and they had fun rummaging in some scraps from my car boot that I brought along for them.  It was actually sunny so a lovely morning and I could not resist this little beauty!
Vintage mini iron- buttons for scale, it is tiny!
It will make the most perfect pattern weight and you can get an idea of size from the buttons!  Not going on holiday is a bit rubbish but I always love being at home.  An afternoon of Wimbledon, strawberries and Carcosonne calls  x

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  2. I succumbed to Ayumi's pattern yesterday, I can't wait to have a go! Love your secret gardens (I'm right in the middle of ironing some cathedral Windows watching Wimbledon) and your staycation sounds rather lovely to me, but I'm a wee homebody!

  3. I was just thinking of you earlier wondering whether you were washed away! The secret garden blocks look fab, and terribly fiddly - I'm not sure I have the patience in me for such detail.

  4. Shame about your holiday Kerry. Lovely makes though!

  5. What a lovely way to spend the day.... Despite the weather. Fingers crossed the rain wont affect Andys tennis too much!!

  6. Just looked at the tutorial for the Secret Garden blocks ~ really wonderfully done! Love the ice cream block too. Oh, and that little weight you found is too cute, is it an old iron?
    Sorry about your little holiday ~ but sounds like you both made the right choice.

  7. Every cloud and all that - shame you didn't get away, but you made the most of it!

  8. Haha think you are addicted to that car boot sale!

    Your blocks will last longer than your holiday would have!

  9. Your little iron is darling, and I love your secret garden blocks. It's too bad your vacation had to be canceled, but I'm glad you weren't caught in floods.

  10. Such a shame about your holiday, but I'm loving your makes!

  11. Great blog..I gave your blogging tips page a shout out!


  12. Sounds like a great weekend, and your secret garden blocks are adorable- only 2.5" and so accurate, wow!

  13. Sorry about the lack of holiday away, but love the makes you got done

  14. is that an iron? it's cute, very vintage and oh i wanna get my hands on it!!!


  15. Those secret garden blocks look like computer graphic!! Your attention to detail is just amazing, Kerry!
    So nice that we get to see your progress on your pillow for Lula! I know it will be super cute!
    You are making me jealous again with those nice finds from carboot sale! The weight is too cute!


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