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I heard about this on Twitter from Katy and as soon as I saw a picture I was smitten.  I held back form an immediate purchase just in case it was a passing fad but no, it kept creeping back in to my mental library of quilt images.  It is expensive, imported and then sent via Europe but it is worth every single penny.  Sometimes a book comes along which changes your creative ideas- I remember buying Suzuko Koseki's Machine Made Patchworks- now Patchwork Style and it changed so much for me.   This book is in the same catergory.
 Brigitte Giblin is a talented quilter who was born in France and lives in Australia.  This combination has created a beautiful chateau/Ayer's rock colour scheme that runs through all her quilts and astounds me every time I look at it.  Many of the quilts are english paper pieced but there is machine piecing and foundation and there is constant inspiration.   The photographs are stunning, quilting eye candy everywhere. When I sit and browse this book, my husband cranes his neck over too and comments on how much he likes the quilts.  This is not a normal occurrence!  We were both drawn to 'Dancing Dollies'.  The organic pieced and appliques shapes reminded us of the geometry found in sea shells and a vintage book full of similar pictures.
I already know that I have to make this beauty, Tessellations II.  I have some larger floral prints and a colour palette of jewel like prints.  I am going to attempt to machine piece this- we'll see how that goes- but it will mean constant Y seams.  I am not usually a big fan of hexagons but this book, along with Tasha's Hexa-go-go is changing that.  I am seeing them differently and I am also look at large florals- Martha Negley, Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs and wanting to add these to my stash.
And for my Brit quilt partner, I am sorry but I feel compelled to do this centre circle medallion whether my partner likes it or not.  Finger's crossed that she will...
You can buy the book here.
Brigitte's website is here
And Brigitte's blog is here.  I have already contacted her with a query and she is quick to respond and very helpful.  There are also tips and pointers for the quilts and techniques.
You will not regret it.
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  1. Oh that book. It is so beautiful. I had a peek at Katys copy. If I am your BQS partner, do right ahead. It looks stunning!

  2. This book is on my list too! You have probably talked me into it! I love the idea of it being in both English and French! I enjoy reading Brigitte's blog too! Looking forward to seeing your interpretation of Tessellations!

  3. I've been eyeing up that book for a while too! I'm hoping somebody might be carrying it at the festival of quilts, but failing that I'll order it in - such great eye candy.

  4. It's so funny...I came across this book online last month and was really, really tempted. Your review may have pushed me over the edge :) I look forward to seeing what you make from it!

  5. The book looks awesome, and the BQS idea is genius x

  6. I saw this book pop up on Marg's blog (Sunshine Paradise) - it looks very beautiful. Your BQS mini looks very challenging but is sure to be a winner.

  7. Kerry, this book is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
    I love you fabric pulls - very nice as always : )

  8. I have bought it after you and Katy were talking about it on twitter and I haven't regretted it. As you say, one of those books that gives so much inspiration and the beauty and quality of the book is second to none. I agree with you to wholeheartedly recommend it!!

  9. You are such a bad influence. Thank you so much for showing me this book. I HAVE TO HAVE IT now!! I didn't even know I needed it before. Oh boy am I ever going to get killed. I promised faithfully no more buying. But maybe when he sees me actually making things successfully he will be okay with it. I hope they have plenty because I wil have to wait a week or so me thinks. I haven't been on Twitter for ages. Just really depressed after Gracie my little Yorkie had to be put to sleep she was almost 15 - I know you probably think I'm crazy but I still can't even talk about her. I did today to my MS nurse and the tears came flooding again.

  10. I'm not in the swap, but if your partner doesn't want it, I'll have it ;o)

  11. I happened to be visiting my LQS recently when Brigitte popped in to visit - I couldn't help but overhear a conversation about the book she had with the owner and mentioned that there are several mistakes in the directions in the first print edition of the book as a result of her instructions being rewritten (not just translated.

    While I also think the book is lovely if you are making something and the directions don't seem to make sense I'd suggest contacting B to clarify as you might have come across one of the errors.

  12. Yes, it`s a very inspirative book, I`ve ordered it some time ago, and I love it, too.
    I`m looking forward to your approach in your style!!!

  13. I'm so pleased I'm not the only book addict. The quilts look amazing. It's good sometimes to be 'awed ' by something it challenges your creativity and takes you to a new place. I think that's what keep patchwork/quilting/sewing such a fascinating hobby (life in my case) It can constantly change and go off in new directions. I shall look forward to seeing how you tackle and get on with your new quilt. (How will you ever part with it?)


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