Wednesday, 29 June 2011

June is Marit's month in Ringo Pie and her theme was 'In the Summertime.'  The bar was raised high at the beginning when Corey posted a super cool traditional electric fan block and it continued from there so it has been a challenging month to come up with something.  Ayumi sent me this  You Tube clip of Kumiko Fujita and it starts off with her stunning Subway quilt and that is where my idea started.
What I like most about summer is the light.  Living in the south west of the UK is good for light , we get a generous amount of sun, and mid summer has such long days.  I can't take lots of heat and my skin is pale and burns easily so I am not a sun worshipper but I love being out in the shade or sewing into the evening with the late orange glow coming through.
This block is quite straight forward, I sketched it out on graph paper first to get the shape and the strip widths.   The cutting that took the longest time in the whole process.  The back is an interesting view with the light streaming through.  I used to make tiffany style glass light catchers and it reminds me of those.
Mid week, hold on in for weekend x
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  1. This block was stunning. It may have been simple, but it really gave me summery feel.
    Best wishes from Norway :)

  2. Your block is beautiful as always!
    Thanks for sharing the youtube video of Kumiko Fujita those are some beautiful quilts she's showing there.

  3. Love your block--very summer-y! this Ringo Pie group is so talented! enjoy seeing everyone's interpretations!!

  4. This is gorgeous. I love seeing all the Ringo Pie blocks.

  5. Stunning. I love this sun--it's perfect for midsummer!

  6. Front & back, both stunning and sunny x

  7. It reminds me of a Japanese lantern too. Very pretty.

  8. This is a such a beautiful block, a perfect sunny summer day. Here in central California where it is sunny EVERY SINGLE day until nearly November, we woke up to rain this morning! Weird...

  9. Your block is gorgeous.

    My morning has been lost to Japanese quilt videos. Love that subway quilt that inspired you. Darn that growing todo list.

  10. That's such a fabulous block!

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  12. I adore this block! It's awesome!

  13. Hi! Your sun block is so so sunny! I love it! wonderful idea to make it with small stripes!
    I wish you lots of sunshine!

  14. Just wonderful. I like the idea (so incredible!) and colors. Also think it would be perfect for japanese flag!


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