Sunday, 14 July 2019

Sunday Selection

I'm back with two more Simple Folk BOM quilt blocks and a Sunday Selection of things to read, watch and listen to with a sewing theme.  Firstly the blocks.  I completed the bull at my monthly Modern Quilt Guild meeting yesterday.  That gives you an idea of how long it takes to complete a block!  I started sewing around 10.30am and sewed almost constantly (allowing for lunch and chatting) until 3.45pm!  

The block below shows a corrected error I made with a section of background in eight border blocks which I've had to partially unpick and make good. The grey dotty triangle is the correction- I'd pieced blue triangles and some had the applique completed over the top like the one below.  At least I realised!  I've sorted four out of eight so far.

So, the Simple Folk Quilt continues to progress.  

Blog Read
Pattern Bank is an industry-focused website for forecasting textile print and pattern design. The
Print and Pattern Highlights from Haute Couture Fall 2019 show a strong influence of textile craft from embroidery hoops as part of a dress, to quilt blocks as fabric design, well worth a look!

Lee Heinrich from Freshly Pieced has made a Youtube video to illustrate her favourite foundation paper piecing tip: Never Tear out Your Paper Piecing Stitches Again!  She shows a quick and easy technique to ensure your fabric will always cover the section you're working on, even with diagonal lines and tricky acute angles.  You can also read the same tip in a blog post she wrote for the Bernina blog.

My listening choice is not sewing related but is definitely a fun podcast to listen too whilst sewing. Walking the Dog by Emily Dean for The Times features Emily talking to various UK writers, comedians, actors, politicians and public figures whilst walking a dog- either their dog, her dog Raymond or a borrowed dog from rescue charity The Dog's Trust.  You do need to get past the opening of each programme where Emily has a tendency to be a little over effusive in her introduction to guests and of their accomplishments.  Once that's out of the way, there's a delightful mix of dog chat and lively conversation.  The guests often seem to open up in a much more natural and in-depth way than the standard TV chat show interview.  


  1. That bull looks amazing! Well worth the time spent stitching.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Although I'd like to see this quilt finished I am enjoying the process very much!


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