Saturday, 22 June 2019

Sunday Selection

Welcome to another Sunday Selection.  Before I start with some interesting sewing and quilting links that I've come across over the last couple of weeks, these two fine creatures are the latest additions to my Simple Folk quilt (Sarah Fielke's BOM 2018).  The fox was a pleasure to sew - apart from the fiendish paws - the little zigs and zags were tricky, to say the least, and thank goodness black fabric hides the millions of stitching holding the fraying in place!  The bird was a breeze compared to the black paws and I am searching out Liberty lawn scraps for as many small pieces as possible as the lawn is the easiest fabric to work with for small pieces.  On the bird, the comb, beak, eye and legs are all Liberty lawn.

Blog Read
Handmade by Carolyn, Kelly's Wedding Dress
Carolyn makes her own clothes, not just dresses, tops, trousers etc. but undies, clothes for other people, refashioning old garments and even making shoes.  Her account of sewing her daughter-in-law's wedding dress is both a touching read and an insight into the detail needed to create an incredible dress and someone else's vision.  Even if you are not a garment sewer, take a peek, the photos and writing are a treat!

Abby Glassenberg interviewing Denyse Schmidt on Whilst She Naps
For anyone who enjoys and admires Denyse Schmidt's work, this is a fascinating listen.  Her graphic design background comes over strongly- she talks about fabrics as a paint colour palette especially in her early quilts.

Cloudcraft is a UK embroidery supplies shop and owner Nicole shares products, patterns and more on her Instagram @cloud.craft and is running a free Summer stitch-along with videos posted each weekend which I thought would appeal to anyone looking to learn or brush up their embroidery skills.

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The free sampler pattern is available by signing up to Nicole's newsletters or by downloading from this page.  I followed Nicole's 'Stitchmas' videos on Instagram last December and really enjoyed picking up new ideas and techniques.  You can go your own way on colours and fabric or, order a summer stitching bundle in her shop with all the items Nicole used to create the original embroidery.   Read more here.

Tomorrow, I've got a bonus recommendation to share with you...I'm especially excited about this one!

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  1. This is a great post with lots of lovely links too. I really enjoyed reading about making the beautiful wedding dress. x


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