Monday, 24 June 2019

Great British Quilter Podcast: Episode Two, Kerry Green of Verykerryberry

I am so excited to share that I'm the second guest on Sarah Ashford's Great British Quilter Podcast!

I live quite close to Sarah so we recorded a few weeks ago in Sarah's sewing room where everything is beautifully organised and she had all her podcast equipment set up ready to chat.  Sarah has put so much work on getting the podcast off the ground and the sponsorship that Bernina and Aurifil have provided has been pivotal on sorting logistics and practicalities needed for making the show professional and a pleasure to listen to.  If you enjoy it, share the love and leave her a review either through the app or through your iTunes podcast library. 

You can read more about the Great British Quilter podcast on Auribuzz and there's also a transcript to read/download for each episode on Sarah's website.

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