Thursday, 16 February 2017

February at Plush Addict

Another rainy day as I write this in South West UK, so a diversion and a visit to sponsor, Plush Addict who have some colourful deliveries, sunglasses at the ready.
Clockwise, starting main image top left:

  1. Kona Shade Card printed fabric panel.  For those of you who love to colour match, this is a cheaper option than the standard Kona colour card option.  Instead, a printed piece of fabric, 64cm x 110cm,  with all 303 colours from the Kona range.  I can imagine mounting this on a canvas for a bit of wall art as well as a handy reference!  Bargain at £7.50. 
  2. Cotton Spandex Jersey: Solid Marbled Light Grey.  There are lots of new cotton/spandex jersey arrivals in a wide range of colours.  This grey is one of my favourite basics. 
  3. SA Curve Measuring Wheel.  Part of a range of measuring wheels in different sizes, metric and imperial and designed to make it easier to measure curves- useful for pattern alterations, e.g measuring the armscye. 
  4. Kona Pink Flamingo.  Kona's limited edition colour of the year.  Very similar to Melon, just a little pinker and lighter
  5. Lecien Color Basic, Clouds Blue- could go nicely with this Lecien Raindrops print. 
  6. Little Darling Cotton Jersey Contented Cats. I couldn't resist this, perfect for children's wear or keen older cat lovers!  150cm wide 95% cotton, 5% elastane.
  7. Little Darling Cotton Jersey Triangles on pink.  150cm wide 95% cotton, 5% elastane. 
  8. Dashwood Studio Altitude, Mountains.  Lovely collection from Pippa Shaw. 


  1. Hi Kerry! I have the Kona panel and I'm hand quilting it to put on the wall. Great picks - I'll go to see more. I hope the rain stops! x Teje

  2. Love that Cat Fabric - I can see why you couldn't resist it :)!


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