Monday, 22 February 2016

Farmer's Wife QAL: Blocks 45 and 46: Jenny and Jewel

This week's Farmer's Wife QALblocks share similar constructions although Jenny is easier to than Jewel when it comes to joining the sections.  First it's block 45, Jenny, (p.204, letter p.150)  I really like these blocks that have a swirling effect when placed on point.    As with some previous blocks, as the patterns on the CD have not been reversed, the block is a reflection of the book photo.

Fabric credits:
Repro yellow 1930s print

As with last week's  Iris block, I used  freezer paper templates.  As all the shapes involve 45 degree angles and diagonal lines, it is easier to cut the templates out with at least a ½" seam allowance or larger .  Even on blocks with larger pieces like this one, diagonals need more fabric to prevent errors!   This block is made of 4 quarter square triangles and the sections are pieced together like a basic four-patch block.   

You might want to start thinking ahead to final layouts when you come to sew your blocks up to make a quilt top.  If you plan on following the book's on-point layout (shown in lap size above), you may want to start thinking about either making the occasional half block or two halves from blocks like this one (and also Jewel) that easily halve to make two triangles.

Top tips for this block
  • Pre-cut all pieces using the freezer paper template method. 
  • Use a water based glue stick. I use Sewline, to stick the first piece of each section
  • Chain piece- there are four repeated sections but watch the change in ordering to allow for seam nesting.
  • Press the  section joining seams open.

Jo from a Life in Lists returns as a guest blogger to share block 46 Jewel (p.205, letter p.27),   She found this a tricksy block- the diagonals are at more extreme angles than Jenny and that does make  piecing harder.  Her post is here.   Here's mine:

Fabric credits:
Kona Candy Pink
Moda, Mary-Jane Butters, Glamping, Blue Daisies (Out of Print)
Bonnie and Camille Daysail Green Hatch

{Please note:  For all my fabric credits I have linked to my sponsors on items bought through them and elsewhere for anything that has come from other shops.}

Remember you can:
  • Hashtag  #fw1930sqal on Instagram and add photos to the Flickr group if you like to share there.  
  • For individual blocks, you can use #jennyblock and #jewelblock on Instagram, Fat Quarter Shop and Angie are using these hash tags, #fw45jenny,  #fw46jewel.  I'm using both hashtag systems.
  • You can also copy and paste links to any blog posts you do on these blocks in the comments and I'd love to visit and take a look. 
Back next Monday with guest blogger Jessie from Sew and Quilt.

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  1. Beautiful blocks! I love those blue daisies!

  2. I love the cats in the centre of the first block!

  3. Thanks for showing the back of Jenny. Do you often press the seam open where the block sections adjoin? I had trouble with bulky seam allowances on my Addie block so I'm needing a strategy for that when it comes to more complex blocks with even more patches.

    1. I often do press the section seams open, I’ll do anything to reduce the lumpiness on the outside but some blocks just have a lot of layers in particular areas!


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