Thursday, 10 December 2015

December at Eternal Maker

It's time for my third sponsor visit for December and this time it's to Eternal Maker where lots of new deliveries have been freshly listed online!  I'm going to start with what Eternal Maker are known best for: cute, imported prints. These are from Dailylike, a Korean company.  I've chosen some small scale and very cute prints, this is Rudolph Town- complete with red nose:

this is Polar Bear

and this is Alley Rabbit- possibly my favourite.

 If you follow the links to the fabrics, you can see example items in both prints to give you an accurate idea of the print size.  From the same company there is a superb selection of laminate fabrics, which Anna describes as 'supersoft' and suitable for coats, tablecloths, wash bags etc.   This is Wedding Bouquet:

This is Starry Night- pic showing it's water resistant properties!

So many denim style fabrics have arrived that they have a new category in the online shop.  Choose from including Robert Kaufman Chambray Dobbies. This is a lightweight, suitable for shirts.  Skirts would need to be well gathered and possibly lined.  I have a couple of metres of this waiting to be come a Pauline Alice Cami dress.

To denim jersey-90% cotton, 5% poly, 5% elastane- 150cm width. 

There are lots of new jersey fabrics including these Jaro Melange jerseys- seven subtle colours to choose from.  This is mid grey:

They are relatively lightweight knits, 95%cotton and 5% elastane.  This is mid blue:

Looking for a stocking filler present for a crafty friend?  I found these felt pincushion kits- button, hedgehog and ladybird,  £7.30 including everything needed to make them.

There's lots more new stuff to look at, check out the 'new in' section.  Enjoy x

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  1. That reindeer fabric is my favorite. The red nose!! I wonder if it is available in the states.


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