Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

I'd rather look forward than back but I've made a lot of clothes that have gone unblogged so here's a quick snap shot of a few, a quilting catch up and a look to the future...

Left to right (with links to fabric/pattern source): Vintage shirt dress (Sew Over it pattern), chambray with anchor print and navy lawn contrast; College yoga pants designed by Named Clothing for  Finnish magazine Kotiliesi Kasityo using cotton/poly sweatshirt fabric from stash; Natalie top by Liola patterns in a Liberty lawn from my stash; another Deer and Doe Fumeterre skirt in navy chambray.  I'll share more details about the dress and the Natalie top- I love the dress, not so much the top. I've lost weight this year, my top half is definitely leaner and loose styles are not doing much for me at the moment, fitted is definitely better.

For the end of this year, I am working on my Betsey Johnson jacket which has been cut out for ages but I've felt too scared to sew as there are some complex processes involved.  II'll miss this aspect of my vintage pledge for 2015 but Marie and Kerry are planning something for next year and I'll be joining in.  For this project I've noted the corduroy handling tips in this handy Threads article.  I've started the lapels- the gingham is some heavier weight upholstery fabric which is acting as interfacing.  It has been pad stitched on to the under collar.   I found this blog post helpful for more on pad stitching, and I've been using a trusty old Simplicity book with great detail for more classically masculine tailoring features.  Pad stitching helps to create form and shape in the collar before it is joined to the rest of the jacket.  So far so good...

Looking to January I'll be sewing some undies with this gorgeous floral jersey from Girl Charlee and a couple of Ohhh Lulu patterns.  The fabric is a cotton and poly blend although I wouldn't be able to tell that from the feel.  It seems softer and stretchier than the fawn fabric I used from them and   I've already seen Sarah from Ohhh Lulu use it for her designs and it looks perfect!  I need to make a couple of testers of these styles before I cut into it though. 

Quilting this year has been about two quilt alongs, the My Small World- find here, and the 1930s Farmer's Wife which will restart next week.  I've enjoyed them both, they have improved my piecing and my completion rate having to get them ready for regular blog posts.  The Farmer's Wife blocks have given me a fresh appreciation of 1930s prints and of bright solid colours and I look forward to more blocks from all the participants next year- newcomers are welcome to join at any time.

Next year involves facing a few fears and travelling to USA for Glamp, to see sewing friends - they know who they are, and having middle age adventures with my mate Kathy!  Ultimately, however a year has being,  at this point I feel glad and grateful to come out of it ready to embrace a new one.

Thank you for reading,  looking at pics, leaving comments, sending emails or getting in touch via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Periscope.  The sewing community is a wonderful thing to be a part of. Whether you are glad to see the back of this year or are looking forward to the future, Happy New Year!  

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  1. Happy New Year! May it bring all sorts of wonderful things :) -very envious of the USA trip!

  2. Happy New Year, you have had some lovely makes in the old one and I'm sure there are many more to come!

  3. Happy New Year! so glad I found your blog ~ do so enjoy watching your process and what you make! Lots of not so good and really great things happened in 2015, but so looking forward to what 2016 has to offer! Cheers!!!

  4. I love that blue dress and your FW blocks are stunning!


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