Sunday, 10 May 2015

May at Village Haberdashery

For my May visit to Village Haberdashery the first thing I think of is florals  with the arrival of Leah Duncan's Morning Walk and Dear Stella's Flirt so a mix of traditional and modern.  
Morning Walk is a summery, free flowing breezy collection which includes quilting cottons (the build a bundle option gives links for these prints)

The centre print, Bare Nopal in Gloom, is also available in voile.  Then there are the knits- all three of them and something for everybody from geometric to through to organic flowers:

I know the cost of the knits does add up but the quality is excellent, they are soft and easy to wear and they seem to stand up well to my washing machine.  I would recommend making a test garment before cutting into them though!  
Dear Stella's Flirt reminds me of painted china.  Delicate and pretty with a hint of water colours. 

Also from Dear Stella are these incredibly cute and appealing Carousel prints. 

The indigo colourway is calling me!
For those caught up in Me Made May 15 with thoughts of sewing more clothes ready for summer, the Grainline small pocket tank pattern has arrived. It's a classic loosely fitted tank pattern with bust darts and the namesake tiny pocket.

I would choose a lighter weight fabric for this- lawn, voile or even some of the sateens that are on sale would all work well for this pattern.  You can find Jen's wonderful step-by-step instructions here.

My mind has been on low volume quilting cottons as I start prep for the  My Small World quilt-along.  'Low volume' really means light coloured, low contrast fabrics.  These are harder to find than you would think! The aim is to find a mix of light colours that work together to provide a palette with subtle variance that pleases the eye but whispers rather than shouts.   You can see an example above as I put together some 'sky' from low volume prints which include white/cream/light blue and yellow.   I have learnt to buy any fabric that I consider low volume as soon as I see it as they tend to be popular prints that sell out first in a design range.  Here are a few I have found at Village Haberdashery- many I would've chosen have already been sold!  They are hard to show in picture form as by definition they are light and rather quiet!

I did struggle a little and a lot of these lean towards the geometric in pattern style but there is a very light coloured collection called Morning Song which is due in soon that has a good selection of light prints.  If you see a low vol print you like, snap it up.  Next time you look, chances are it'll have gone! 

Enjoy x

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  1. I have lots of LV but hoping that there is enough variety in there for My Small World - there's a lot of little squares in that sky!


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