Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fat Quarter Shop Blogger's Choice Bundle: April

A few months back, I had an email from the Fat Quarter Shop inviting me to choose a bundle for their Blogger Bundle club- quite an honour!  Blogger bundles have been running for a while and They have tweaked the bundles so they no longer include solids to make them an even better deal.

To choose the bundle, you are given a month of new releases to choose from and work from little preview pictures.  I was very lucky that Sweetwater's Feed Company collection was out that month as that kicked off my choices and I built the rest of the bundle around that.   There's a mix of Ambleside, Clementine, Elizabeth,  FantasiaFolksong, and a bonus  Daysail print as one of the Feed Company prints sold out all ready!  I haven't seen my choices in person yet, it is winging its way over to me and I can't wait to see it.  You can find the bundle here or as part of the blogger's choice club here

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