Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Blogger Bundle Close Up

My blogger bundle arrived from Fat Quarter Shop a few days ago- what can I say, I love it!

With this bundle I was aiming to create a balance of light/mid/dark tones, plus some text and feature prints.  I think I did it.  One print is missing- this Sweetwater print was one of my choices but supplies ran out at the shop so I think I will buy some and add it in.

The Heather Bailey ginger buttercup print is such a great colour with its yarrow gold and the graphic flowers- perfect for fussy cut English Paper piecing as it can create kaleidoscopic effects.

This made me laugh, I wasn't expecting this particular style of presentation! (picture from the Fat Quarter Shop).

And this is where the bundle is going, into my ongoing Glitter quilt.  I am fussy cutting each centre with various novelty prints in my stash and mixing this bundle along with anything else that comes to hand.  All hand pieced and a real pleasure to sew.  The variety of fabrics keeps my eyes happy when sewing the same block over and over. 

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  1. Thank you for the photos of fabrics. I wouldn't even notice some of these fabrics, but now I can see wonderful opportunities they give!

  2. Both fabric bundles and blocks are just so, YOU! I love visiting everyone's bundles and checking in their choices of fabrics! I love some of the basic prints, dots, stripes, and checks in the blocks. That really reflect the other ones well! :) Thank you for sharing~

  3. You've got great taste, your blogger bundle is lovely!

  4. what a gorgeous bundle. I love the mix of pinks and blues especially, and that Heather Bailey print is amazing!

  5. Beautiful bundle.Have fun playing with them!

  6. What a great bundle and how lovely to be asked to put one together. I particularly like all the blues together and that lovely mustardy print.

  7. It's a gorgeous bundle - I bet it flies off the shelves!


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