Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bra Making/lingerie Supplies Destash

I bought huge amount of bra making supplies at the beginning of this year, more than I can possibly use so I need to get rational and destash some.  They are specialist fabrics and almost all of these fabrics were from 
Any questions please ask in comments or email me.  Postage in the UK is £2.80 per selection.  If you buy more than one selection, I can combine items often at no extra postage cost.  Overseas postage is expensive so I am thinking of UK readers, but if you are overseas and prepared to pay I am happy to sell.  Email me if you are interested in buying any of these selections.  

Two larger pieces of slinky poly/lycra lingerie fabric.  Smooth and stretchy.  The mint floral on the left is 150cm wide, 75cm long and the charcoal blue/grey with pink flowers is 150cm wide, 50 cm long.  Good for knicker, camisoles or covering bra cups. £10 plus postage. SOLD

Nice fabric pieces in cream and white: mix of cotton jersey,  nylon/lycra, nylon/lycra jacquard, polymide spandex. £5 plus postage.

Eleven fabric pieces: mix of cotton jersey, rayon jersey, nylon/lycra, nylon/lycra jacquard, polymide spandex.  £5 plus postage

Specialist padding and lining fabrics.  From top left- rigid heavy cream tricot, suitable for cradle or cups 50 x 75cm, bra lining fleece, plush on one side for softness or when you want a thicker layer but no padding for cups or cradle- two pieces of this in white, each measuring 60 x 78cm,  bra cup foam padding in cream, light weight 63 x 72cm.  £10 plus postage. 

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  1. If you have any left and are willing to help me make a bra... I'll buy! :o)


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