Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pillow Gifting

Winter: a great time to make and gift pillows. not a great time to take photos of them.  This 'T' pillow is a 20" square informal log cabin design with a few extra squares. I designed it on Touchdraw to get the colours and proportions before I cut.

It was a  Christmas gift, requested by my nephew. 

I made my mum a 'Drawn Together' pillow using Sarah Fielke's pattern in 'Little Quilts'.  I must have forgotten to take a finished pillow picture! It is foundation paper pieced.

And this pillow, which was a pleasure to make (and a nightmare to photograph) was for my friend Kathy.  It celebrated her birthday and some shared memories with polaroid snaps on a formica style background.  The first person I saw make this polaroid style block was Corey- Little Miss Shabby, way back in the Ringo Pie Bee.  I made these these same size as a real polaroid.

It is a great block to paper piece and obviously, it is a fussy cutter's perfect block.  The background fabric is Doe, Intersections in Sky. The binding is Joel Dewberry's Woodgrain in Bark.

The bonus is these pillows are all within walking distance of my house, I can visit them whenever I please!

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  1. great. Now I HAVE to order that Doe print. Love these.

  2. All these pillows are so wonderful ~ especially the Drawn Together pattern. I've been making stars for an improv quilt and this one will fit in quite nicely, plus it would make a great center for a medallion! Always find inspiration on your blog ~

  3. These turned out simply adorable and LOVE that you are able to visit! haha! Court order!

  4. Gorgeous cushions - I'm glad you still have visiting rights!

  5. lovely cushions, and a bonus that you get to check whether they are being used! I love making cushions as presents too :-)

  6. Lovely pillow and an added bonus that you still see them. PS - I love how your photos look with the white backgrounds


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