Wednesday 28 January 2015

January at Eternal Maker

My January visit to Eternal Maker has timed nicely with the new arrival of a couple of very pretty and usable fabric ranges.  Starting with Handcrafted by Alison Glass.

This has already proved to be an enormously popular range judging by the makes I see on Istagram.  I have a couple of prints awaiting dressmaking plans.  It is a little softer and floppier than standard quilting cotton so it really is a perfect selection for clothing.  The colours have a rich saturation from the hand stamped hand dyed process and I do recommend a prewash. Eternal Maker have the full colour range at the moment- first place in the UK that I've seen with that.  My favourites are:

Bouquet in Yarrow.  I am not sure what it is about this particular combo but the two mustard gold and the purples make my heart sing!

Plus in Strawberry.  There is a beautiful softness to this colour combination.

Penny  in Fossil.  Like all the prints, the simplicity is everything.

I have seen a lot of items made up in these fabrics- the colour range lends itself to rainbows easily.  It would make lovely quilts and small zip pouches.  I have also seen it used for bags.  It is a little lightweight for that- I don't think they would wear well.  And as for clothing, it really does look stunning.

Suffolk Garden by Brie Harrison is a new collection from the UK based company Dashwood Studio and has just hit the shelves at Eternal Maker.

The simplest prints are my favourites.  Berry Star:

There is a new kit available, Petite Fleur alphabet cot quilt kit.  Everything you need to make the quilt top is there, you will need to supply backing, wadding and binding.  

The fabric is designed by Carolyn Galvin  You can see more of her fabrics (printed on organic cotton) including co-ordinating prints here.  I really liked this navy floral:

For the knitters and crochet fans, lots of new yarn has arrived.  Debbie Bliss is one of my favourite names from my knitting days.  Her yarns are such great quality and the baby yarns are especially soft.  There is Baby Cashmerino and Cashmerino Aran both in an amazing range of colours.

You will also find Knitpro interconnecting needle tips/cable range.  If you are a knitter, I am sure these will look familiar.

Enjoy looking at the new stuff, and for those of you on Instagram, you may want to follow the Anna on the @eternalmaker IG account as bolt ends pop up on there!

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  1. I saw this item made from Handcrafted and immediately went online and ordered some. It just spoke to me and thought my husband and son would also like it (if they can ever get it off me). I am not normally drawn to those colours in my quilt making but it was quite strange to feel so strongly about the project. Thanks for the review on the handle of the fabrics. You don't get that when your are shopping online. I am quite excited to get my hands on it now.

    1. Wow Karen, the rag quilt looks amazing! That fuzzy edged rag look really works well with that fabric collection and I can only imagine how soft it is!


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