Saturday, 11 January 2014

January at Village Haberdashery- Stash Builders on Sale

Last night I was browsing through Village Haberdashery site to see what's new and I noticed lots of stash builder fabrics with 10% off- I am talking brand new prints like Botanics and Sun print  as week as longer term ranges- classics- like Pearl Bracelets.
And sure enough on Annie's blog this morning she confirmed- this weekend you can save 10% on all stash builders (no code needed).  These are a few of my favs:
Asterisk in light blue from Constellations- have this and love it! The multi directional pattern is perfect as a paper piecing background.
Sun Print text in teal- (I could've chosen any of the text prints quite happily)
Koi Smile and Wave in Shell- nice for binding and organic cotton too.
Painter's canvas in mermaid (I find it so hard to resist this colour!)
Sometimes the stash builders and the basics need a bit of space to shine!  Happy weekend x
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  1. Oh dear, your ability to lead me astray strikes again... Twice in one week!

  2. Who could resist a colourway called mermaid? A better woman than me! I'm on the hunt for teal/turquoise prints this weekend paired with cream, rather than white. Sometimes it's tricky to tell on the screen!

  3. Yay for stash building on a budget!


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