Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Colette Hawthorn Pattern- Pre Order

Following the launch of Hawthorn, Colette are running a sew- along and a contest similar to when they launched Laurel. I definitely want to take part in this one and Annie has now got a pre-order option on the due-to-arrive-any-time Hawthorn pattern at her shop.  

The sew-along starts today with a post on fabric choices and making a muslin and the competition looks like it ends around 29th July.   There are sew-along posts on full and small bust so this could be a great learning experience if they are areas you have struggled to fit in the past and you could make a peplum blouse instead of a dress.  I am planning my dress right now!  Awaiting a fabric sample...
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  1. Looks like a gorgeous Dress. Hope I can by the pattern when being in London for the FQ-Retreat

  2. Love the peplum blouse. Good Luck! Jo

  3. I love this dress and Colette paterns in general. Will try to buy the fabric today in town and start!!! Rox


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