Monday, 27 May 2013

May finds at Eternal Maker

The clever ladies at Eternal Maker recently posted a great little tutorial and patterns for making an ever useful baby bib bandana.  Its perfect for a quick baby gift and a useful make for left over but of soft pretty fabrics.
This lead me to the huge range of soft pretty fabrics at Eternal Maker and these are my picks for May.  Little Letters in Peach from Nani Iro (by Naomi Ito) is heaven, two layers which are fixed together so you just treat is as one. It has great drape and is both warm and cool to wear if that makes sense!  The big advantage is the feel of a floaty fabric but you can safely make a dress without thinking everyone can see your knickers.  Karen of Did you Make That? has a great post on dress making with gauze, am inspiring and funny read.
Peaceful Cooing (another Nani Iro), this is the double gauze woven version of the beautiful print I used for my scoop tee- fantastically summery (summer will come eventually, I'm sure).
And this Nani Iro double gauze Waltz print is spectacular,
I know not everyone likes a floral, this navy Poncho print is a version of a polka dot.  This fabric comes with a border which is nice to include in the design whether it is clothing or quilts.
You can see it with the border at the Nani Iro website (this is one of their pics).  There are lots of free patterns on the website too.
If you are looking for babies/children for quilts and clothes, there are lots of cute prints like this Kokka boat fabric.  You can see the tiny dimples where the layers are held together on this pic too.
Eternal Maker also sell the terry towelling mentioned in the tutorial which makes a great bib backing as well as being suitable for burp cloths.  It has a short pile so reducing bulk whilst retaining absorbency and is extra wide making it good value too. The clear fasteners are available too.
Draped in your double gauze, in the words of Larry, "Float, float on..."
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  1. I love double gauze too! I made one dress out of it for my elder daughter (the Zephyr dress on the Village Haberdashery blog) and it is so lovely that I have bought another colourway of the Little Letter (the peachy one in your post today) to make another. So lovely and floaty and I was surprised that it is not slippery or difficult to sew.

    1. You are so right! When I first bought some way back when Heather Ross did her first Far Far away collection I thought it would be tricky but it is a very well behaved fabric!

  2. Drooling over that double gauze! I want to make myself a summer skirt from it, but as I'm in the process of losing weight at the moment, it's probably best not to waste it until I reach a stable size :o/

  3. Ooh I may be trying wangle some time in there tomorrow, especially if we are strangely early for the cinema!


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