Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bits and Bobs

 Catching up with a few bits and bobs.  I am kicking off Amy Morinaka of Chick Chick Sewing 'Zakka Handmades' book blog tour in June and she sent me a copy of her book through the post and it just arrived.
It is a lovely book, hugely accessible for all levels and I would include tweenage children in that too.  My daughter was much taken with the cuteness in side and the quick nature of many of the projects- we have a Puffy Liberty hair bow planned already for this weekends- I 've just sent her off to buy the hair elastic!  You can see more about the tour here.  And look she signed it too!  Sweet x
I thought it was time to sort my facebook stuff out and have now added a Verykerryberry facebook page.  All blog posts and Instagram photos will go on there for those of you who like to press like (see what I did there, such wit) and follow progress on book face.  There is a like button in my right hand sidebar too and this pic is there to greet you- scarf made by Amy and much worn by me in the never ending slightly too cold weather.
I have done so much dress making lately, powered by the Me Made May initiative.  I am not so good at getting photos of me wearing it all but I will get a post done hopefully tomorrow of the latest makes.  I am starting on this Bleuet dress by Deer and Doe (greatly inspired by Anna's perfect version here).   I am planning on using this organic blue crossweave from Jo and Fran at Saints and Pinners ( fingers crossed I ordered enough!
 I have been starting my prep for Fat Quarterly retreat sewing PJ pants and prepping the fantasy fabric shop class- train tickets are bought, it is only 2 months away!
And a huge thank you for all the lovely comments and emails about 500 Quilt Blocks book that Lynne and I have recently been able to show you!  A few of you noted the similarly titled/covered book on Amazon- no worries, it is a phantom listing that is put up in the early days of the title by the publisher, ours is the real deal I promise!  The cover that you can see on ours is a mock up and I think there will be different covers for the different publishers it is going to be printed with in different countries.  We are looking into book plates at the moment too!  I can't wait for when we get the go ahead to show you more of what's inside!
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  1. That dress pattern is fabulous! I don't know if I could master all those buttonholes though, would have to try poppers and hope that they hold up to the job ha ha. I h ad a look at the website and I could easily buy all the patterns, however I have far too many as it is. I desperately want to have a go at dressmaking but need a nice quiet day to myself rather than squeezing in an hour or two in the evening when my brain is frazzled!

    That book likes great, small manageable projects, and congratulations on your new book, I have already added it to my wish list!

  2. Lots of sewing fun all round then!

  3. i have one similar book...great!

  4. Oooh that looks like a cute book xxx

  5. The Zakka book looks great. Congratulations on your own book with Lynne, such a lot of hard work for you both. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one!

  6. That looks like a gorgeous book! I bought my train ticket the other day too.....not long now!!!

  7. Congratulion,that`s fabulous.The cover caught my eye,there are gorgeous eye candy!


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