Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tea Towels- art work for the kitchen

I am welcoming a new sponsor, Al from All Tea Towels.  You know I am partial to a tea towel, I love the designs and colours and when I am on a car boot sale trawl a good find is unused vintage tea towels.  I find them a great source of affordable design, maybe its because the size of a tea towel makes it the ideal canvas for artists to get their work out there commercially.  Here is the real bonus, first class postage in UK is free!  Postage to Europe £1, postage world wide £2. 
Here are some of my favs...firstly, retro inspired text naturally!
Lots of tea related ideas...
Transport and British...great present for friends from afar

Quirk- British Museum meets Manga
Bargain kitsch in the sale section- this one is only £3.95
and I can't believe this is under £5

There are also hand crafted woven special treats- see the Ekelund Swedish woven beauties for some beautiful designs
Prices range from sale section £3.95 to around £17.95 for the Swedish woven (rather than printed) beauties.  Most are under £10 and with free postage that has to be a bargain.  Al has added an extra offer, a free coaster of your choice with every order, this is my choice.
A bargain, supporting a British independent business and countless designers and a bit of beauty in the kitchen. Frame them like a picture or just use them as I do- stains and all, they are made for washing using and enjoying.  All Tea Towels facebook page is here.   Go searching under the left side menu bars on the web site, some of these beauties are a little hidden away-the sale section is on the top menu bar- but seek and you will find.
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  1. These tea towels are wonderful. I'm going there to see what other deigns he has. thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Just went to Al's shop and there's a certain cow tea towel that I'm totally needing ~ plus a whole lot more. What a fun shop!

  3. Oh yes, love Al and his tea-towels that are too good for wet dishes!!

  4. These are true gems, love the Glasgow Co-op one.

  5. Cool, the Glasgow co-op one has just given my mum a trip down amnesia lane ;o)

  6. I love the designs and colors and when I am on a car boot sale trawl a good find is unused vintage tea towel.When those are hanging they all are looks like bar towels sometime which is really colorful.


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