Friday, 8 February 2013


Life has been a little hard since mid December.  Time helps but there is some difficult stuff to deal with, things that won't go away however hard I wish they would and crap that is unavoidable.  A bit more light helps, sunny days too.  And there have been surprises and messages from friends which have been wonderful.  A package came from Nova this week, completely unexpected.  Treasure inside...
It was designed for the kitchen although instead it went to live in my sewing room, under my little iron.
I look at it constantly which is what it deserves.  And it came with more thoughtful little fancies.
And with this- I think I swooned as I opened this out, colours, design, vintage, perfection.  Hugs and thankyous to Nova xxx

And Amy sent me her beautiful Rose Dream pillow from Amy.  Again, totally unexpected. Sizzix cut with their new die and immaculately made.   It is snuggling up to Penny's scallop pillow, it lives happily on our sofa and waits for me and Lottie to squish against it.
The little details that friend's include are what makes a handmade gift extra special- A for Amy in the corner...
I love the light/earthy colour palette and the pretty floral binding and backing which echoes all the prints.
Amy has been a huge support recently, emails can make distance seem a little less.  Thankyou Amy xxx  My happy corner with pics and gifts from friends, family, pretties and memories.
I have a few friends going through the crappiest of times, I send them all my love and more.   Having to be a grown up when you don't feel like you are;  feeling that you aren't ready for what has happened; facing decisions you never thought would be yours to make.  Life can be hard, time and the love of friends helps you through.  No comments on this one x
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