Monday, 18 February 2013

Spring in the village...

The sun is shining- some of the time, and the days feel just a little longer.  We'll just ignore that I am wearing my wrist warmers and two pairs of socks as I write this.  I have been aching do make some clothes so yesterday I sneaked in long longed for project, a maxi skirt with a little Sewaholic/Melody Miller action.  More of the skirt to follow in a skirt solo indulgent post but meanwhile, for thoughts of dressmaking, here is my monthly trip to Village Haberdashery with a sartorial theme...and if you can't wear it, quilt it.
It may seem counter intutitive but I made my skirt using the Sewaholic Lonsdale Dress pattern- I can explain.   I wanted a maxi length, and I want to make the Lonsdale dress too.  This is an excellent pattern and if you are making the skirt the only part you need to test for fit is the waistband- get that right and the rest will flow.  The pockets are a joy, very easy construction ( more of them to come with the skirt post) and, as with many independent pattern designers, there are resources galore, the best of which is a Lonsdale sew-along with Tasia, who is Sewaholic.
For those who want to skip the dress, here is the Hollyburn skirt- the same skirt but in a different range of lengths and extra waistband detail- and another sew-along right here.
Fabrics for either could include the beautifully understated Carolina Chambray- this would really work with the waistband tab detail.
And for real impact, a bit more Melody Miller, Vinyl in Aspic.  I do have this print in Absinthe and I plan the same skirt in it- it will need lining, this fabric is very floaty.
Banksia is next on the list of clothes to make although I will need to make a trial one to check how it works for my unfeasibly small chesticles.  Again there is a sew-along by Megan Nielson herself which has huge resources, including alternative collars, long sleeves, no sleeves, cheaters placket, a knit version, dress version and more.  These patterns may seem more expensive than a Simplicity or a New look but independednt designers have much higher production costs to meet and remember the best deisgners give so much more in terms of variations and help.  I am hoping I can make this top many many times.
Maybe I could make it in this... Sinister Swarm voile in Flour
For a more fitted look, there is a cute little Sewaholic Alma pattern, this top has a side zip although I have seen versions on line that skip this step.

Art gallery cottons are a finer silkier quilting cotton weight, more like poplin and wonderful for dresses and tops.  Sarah Watson's new Luxe in Bloom range has many easily wearable prints that won't make you look like you are wearing a quilt, I think this all over squiggle would look so pretty in the Alma.
If you fear the zipper, the School House Tunic by Sew Liberated is ideal.  A forgiving and flattering style, a great beginner pattern ( there is a free dress adaptation of this at Sew Liberated) and a helpful sew along style tutorial here.

I have made similar tunics to this and they work beautifully in voile, what better than a little AMH Field Study: Co-ordinates in Midnight. 
Another Sarah Watson print for Art Gallery, Cascade in Agate, and a way to sneak in a bit of citrus that won't make you look like a 80s throw back.
I saw this Green Bee Amelia dress pattern in Quilt Market photos months back and it caught my eye then.  It is a simple bias cut crying out for curves to fill it.  The only trickiness is a back zipper.
To make the most of the bias cut I chose a couple of Tula Pink Salt Water prints: tortoise shell in aqua...
Feel that sun,  or if necessary imagine it, then put on a coat and dream of spring.
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  1. Do another sew along ok? I adored the Tova...actually need to make another come to think of it :). I wear it often. I vote Banksia

  2. These patterns are all so cute ~ I haven't made myself clothes in years ~ used to make all of them at one time. I especially like the Schoolhouse Tunic.

  3. I love the Schoolhouse Tunic! Lovely stuff

    Bundana x

  4. I'm with Karen. A sew along with that pattern would be great. I'd definitely join in!

  5. That Amelia dress looks really cute. I wonder if you could make it in a knit instead of a bias woven and then omit the zipper? I've had such problems trying to alter patterns to fit me properly, or trying to figure out which pattern size to buy. Maybe a maxi skirt or dress that isn't so close-fitting is just what I need to get my confidence up enough to try again. I'll be looking forward to that skirt-indulgence post!

  6. I love your reviews of patterns and dressmaking fabrics - they make me want to run upstairs and start cutting out a skirt right now! I have a couple of Sewaholic patterns and I love them. I think these have just bumped up my long list - I need to make them NOW!

  7. Thank you so much. I was only thinking the other day I shoulda me myself something to wear instead of buying ready to wear. Now all I have to do is keep on losing weight and then I can.

  8. As if I did not enough things on my wish list! Thanks for linking up all the ressources!

  9. Thanks for the inspiration! I've followed your tova sew along so many times, you should definetly do another one! I love independent designers too, the darling ranges dress is one of my favorites, so much help there too! Now just to wait for pay day...


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