Friday, 23 November 2012

Pretty Patterns

I know many of you are tempted by fabric but I hae another weakness: patterns and the independent designer patterns have the ultimate allure.  I like supporting a single designer's vision.   I like the fact that most designers will run a sew along with the launch of their pattern so there is online help and tips for all the tricky bits and bonus extras.  And if the designers dont' do this, bloggers take the patterns and  run sew alongs themselves- see my Tova Sew along!  Annie has had a whole load of new patterns so here is a peek at just a handful of my favs- click pics to go to them at The Village Haberdashery and to see a selection of larger images.
I have been curshing on this design, the Ameila, since I saw it in Quilt Market photos months back.  And there are many other Green Bee patterns including quilts.  Diamond Ring  was in many Quilt Market photos again and really stuck with me, a great design.
I bought Megan Nielsen's Banksia from Annie for Megan's sew along. I am just on the brink of making this and everything is covered in the sew-a-long posts and there are extras- e.g making it into a dress. I am going to add long sleeves and I am thinking of trying it without a collar.
I am tempted by Megan's new Briar pattern which is due in soon, I find many jersey tops way too long so a little cropping could be good- I hasten to add not to bare my midriff, I am a strictly multi layer girl!
I had to include this Chloe pattern, so charming.  A litle indulgent perhaps but so many little girls would love this.
And maybe  more realistic for everyday wear, this Figgy's Banyan pattern for suitable boys and girls has huge appeal.
Sorry to tempt you all again, as I said, patterns are my weakness.  
If you still want a fabric fix, get the new Liberty Stile range before anyone else, only at Village Haberdashery!
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  1. I just bought the Amelia Dress pattern, can't wait to make one.

  2. Thanks for sharing Kerry! I will be adding the Amelia & Banksia to the to make list for sure. :)

  3. I bought the Diamond Ring pattern. Can hardly wait until it arrives!

  4. I'll be strictly watching as you sew those!

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