Monday, 12 November 2012

Saints and Pinners

I have a new sponsor, Jo from Saints and Pinners.  Her online fabric shop is practically on my doorstep so to have her as a sponsor is perfect!  I first ordered from Jo a few years back , the shop was new, Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks Voiles had just come out and Saints and Pinners was amongst the first to stock it in the UK.  Jo runs the shop with her mother-in-law, Fran, in between another day job, two young children and sewing projects.  The customer service is excellent and she runs regular flash sales and discounts- follow her on Twitter and Facebook to catch these first!  I have put together a little gallery of some stand out pics from her shop. 
Starting with fabric packs, this is my favourite and my best: 'Fancy',  a disarmingly simple combo of Flea Market Fancy and Klona cottons 
For those of you who are on the low volume kick, there is this subtle stack of Klona and Kaffe dots.
 You can also find charm selections cut and packaged by Jo to dip your toe into a fabric collection and save a few pennies. Anna Charms,  Field Study: 28 x 5" squares already and waiting...
Jo stocks some  hidden jems I have not seen elsewhere including this beautiful cotton bamboo blend.  Shirt weight and begging to live in my wardrobe, you will find this in the well stocked Organic section and there are other colours too.  I know what you are thinking, Organic so it is going to be at least £3.50/1/4m- you are so wrong, in fact I had to double check the price, £2.50!
And a little festive extra, in the Gifts section, Jo has just added these paper beauties by Nancy Nicholson.  Little City- flat packed buildings and trees
And retro inspired 60s Angels
Getting your Christmas shopping done whilst buying fabric, perfect!
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  1. Looks like a really pretty place to shop!

  2. Someone else told me that got fat 16ths? or at least a taster small size of Field Study but when I went there I couldn't find any in stock. Might have to treat myself to the charm pack...

  3. Lovely shop and lovely sponsor--congrats!

  4. I'll definitely check out her organic section! And that little city is so cute!

  5. Saints & Pinners was one of the first online shops I ever used, and still do - I need to write a Christmas list!

  6. The fabrics are delicious! And I am intrigued by those paper houses.


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