Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Stash Clubs

There are a lot of new fabric ranges flying around at the moment and wanting to buy at least some bits whilst also turning around and looking at drawers and boxes already piles up with FQs and half yards and thinking of my bank balance leaves me in a bit of a conundrum.  Stash clubs are one answer.  They provide a regular fix of new fabric designs, a feeling you are up to date, and the pieces are small and easy to store.  Australian store Amitie stock fabrics I never see anywhere else, especially Yuwa prints which makes their stash parcel extra special.
The Amitie stash club sends out 16 new release designs every two months, each is a 25cm square of fabric.  You can cancel at any time and their selection is an utter treat for the eyes.   They send a block pattern with each package as a bonus.  Their fabrics always seem to combine together and you could easily make a few blocks each month, keep adding in the new fabrics and end up with an amazing scrappy quilt.  Cost is $25 AUD for Aussies and $28 international including postage- works out around £18.

There are options closer to home.  In the UK,  the well stocked Tiki Patchwork has a couple of stash clubs.  There is a modern option- typical print range can be seen above, and a 'civil war' style selection if you prefer a more traditional choice.  Fabric pieces are 9 x 11" approx.  Tiina stocks a huge range of fabrics, beyond what can be seen on the website.  Costs vary according to how you pay- yearly or monthly, but start around £17 a month.  If you fear commitment, Tiina does the cutest gift boxes- you can see an example 30s print box here...
Each contains enough fabric to make a mini quilt approx 24 x 32" with a free beginner friendly pattern included.  Each piece of fabric measures 9 x 11"and you can choose an Aneela Hoey print option, shot cottons... the list goes on.  They would make a lovely gift at £12.95 + postage. 
Apologies for the temptation but it is on a budget so I think I can be excused! 
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  1. I have to say I'm loving the Pink Castle stash club right now, as it's allowing me to stock up on basics which is something I never seem to think of when I set out to buy fabric, and yet frequently need! With one colour per month, it's a fast way to build up your stash, and prop up the rather less endowed areas of your collection!

  2. Great way to build a stash, although I probably need to start a "destash" club!


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