Sunday, 2 September 2012

Goodbye Bob

A sad night last night.  Our cat, Bob, was suddenly very unwell and had to be put to sleep.  He was very old at 15 and had multiple health problems but had been a happy, purring, companionable cat right to the end.    We spent a lot of time with him this summer, he no longer went upstairs, had a chair that became just his and came over for cuddles and strokes in the middle of our family games sessions of Cluedo and Carcasonne.   As we didn't go away, we all ended up spending extra time with him this summer and I am so glad we did.  He sat on my knee with Lottie most evenings, perched on the edge of my legs like they were a little mountain. 
And this picture was last week, on a sunny afternoon with Lottie in one basket and Bob in the other, under my cutting table.
 A sad end to a very happy life.  I have turned comments off for this post, I hope you understand.  I know many of you know what it feels like to lose a pet, so thankyou xxx
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