Sunday, 9 September 2012

BSQ Mini Quilt Received

I was totally spoilt in the mini quilt I received in the Brit Quilt Swap
I had already admired and favourite this when it came up in the group so I was delighted to have it arrive here.  Its maker is Cottilello, she is a highly skilled UK based quilter and is involved in some Flickr  groups.  It is exquisitely made, from the carefully matched precise points, to the even quilting and immaculately stitched binding.   She also included a selection of lawn fabric strips.  They are a mix of Lecien and Moda- I didn't even know Moda made lawn!   The bottom right hand pink Lecien is my absolute favourite but they are all so pretty.
I haven't heard from the recover of my mini although Royal Mail tracking is indicating that it has been delivered.  My swap partner has been going through a hard time so I am just hoping the parcel made it to her and she enjoyed it.
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  1. Your mini is fabulous! Tiina is the organiser of the X Factor pillow swap over at Fiick'r so I am quite familiar with her work! This will become a favourite of mine too!

  2. Such a pretty mini ~ and the fabric strips are pretty too ~ lucky you!

  3. this is a lovely, soft, and feminine looking quilt. You are a deserving recipient.

  4. Thanks Kerry - nice blog. Funny you liked the same fabric best as I did! I just uploaded pictures on Flickr of the dress I made my 9y. old daughter. I loved it so much, I wanted one myself as well!
    All the best Tx


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