Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Kits and makes for beginners

My sister in law just did her first machine sewing class and made a very lovely bag.  She is now on the hunt for easy makes and as she has just announced the next niece or nephew is due in February anything with a baby focus is especially welcome.  I had a little perusal through the many kits and patterns at Eternal Maker and this is what caught my eye with her, and other beginner sewers in mind.

This bunting panel from Riley Blake is genius, talk about a quick fix!  This could be good for an older child to make too.  Once you have mastered a straight-line and reverse on the machine- by the way an old needle and lined paper is a good method for beginners learning to stitch straight on a machine-all you need to do is cut out and sew.  A quick and easy way to add a homemade touch to room decor too.
I am highly tempted by the lamsphade kit.  I suspect no sewing in this!  I used to be lampshades at Habitat in the sales and I find it hard to find patterns that I like so what better than to chose your own fabric and use the kit and make one.  I have a feeling one of these it going to end up in my shopping basket very soon.  
Like every quilter, I am already thinking baby quilts, I loved making the last one for Sophia.  You can never have enough mats and quilts with children.  First to lie them and wrap them and then as snugglies, tents, table cloths, houses etc as they grow older,   This Echino Playmat kit is the most basic shape and lets the fabric do the work.  You do need to know how to put this together and bind but it is a good basic to learn with.   The bamboo blend batting is included for extra softness too! 
I love this!  Great to welcome a boy/girl or to compensate the toddler sibbling for the attention deficit they are about to experience once the new baby arrives.  Everything is included, it would make a really nice gift too.  When Lula was born, large chunks of time were lost to feeding in the early weeks, I could have had this on the go instead of staring blankly at day time TV.  
You can find other kits and gifts here.  I am already thinking Christmas presents too...shh, not yet
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  1. I just finished making the lion version of the monkey embroidery kit. It came out great and was really easy! Definitely recommended.

  2. Penguin & Fish has the cutest embroidery patterns, don't they?

  3. Fab round up there, great idea for makes

  4. So adorable! I'll have to look into those lampshade kits.

  5. I made that Riley Blake bunting panel just before Christmas and I absolutely love it! I've banged a couple of nails into the living room wall and we can now Get The Flags Out at a moment's notice: Christmas, birthdays, gold star from a teacher, sometimes even Pay-day!
    Think I might have to investigate the lampshade kit, and that monkey is fantastic!

  6. the lampshade kits are genius!

  7. Oh my my~ Such pretty things!


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