Thursday, 26 May 2011

Winner! And Pincushions

What an education it was reading your giveaway comments.  Little did I know about book darts, flower frogs,  Lalaloopsy dolls, Vibram fivefinger running shoes and a whole load of other things!  I enjoyed reading these so much that I think I will have to make 'My Secret Obsession' a regular feature and put a linky tool in so we can all share them!  I'll work on a button and set a date.  Thankyou all for sharing.
Random number generator picked number 49- WooLynn- I have sent you an email!  She mentioned in the previous comment that she was obsessed by making things in stained glass, hence the related cards on her parcel!  Both fabrics will be on the way to you soon!
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  1. I love the idea of a regular feature on secret obsessions! And I seriously recommend the book darts. Your post title got me excited that we were going to see a pincushion, but your packaging of the fabric is lovely.

  2. I've been trying not to purchase fabric unless I have a specific project in mind, but I've been wondering what that Lakehouse print was ever since I won some of Penny's scraps in a giveaway. I just bought a half yard and will have to find something to use it on. And now I will stop commenting obsessively on your blog.

  3. Thank you! It is always fun to win a giveaway! I really enjoy your blog...I wish you would put some of your wonderful creations on Etsy.


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