Monday, 30 May 2011

Colour on a Grey Day

On a grey and rainy bank holiday in the UK I thought I'd show you a bit of colour and vintage style from some recent car boot sale finds.
This is little pot is the perfect size for a bit of jam for scones and tea- don't do that very often but next time it happen, this is coming out.
I don't know if I like the box more or the picture dominos inside, such great blocks of sunny colour. 
This is half a standard tile size and made in Japan.  It rests near the radio on the kitchen table because I like to look at it so much.  I love the shapes and the overlap of the lines.
I found a big length and extra bits of this vintage fabric.  How have I lived without a clock print!  Don't know what I am going to use this but the green turquoise teal mixed with the golden yellow is so appealing!
Do you want to know something odd?  The giveaway winner Woolynn- (Lynn) also won last years Sew Mama Sew giveaway- how odd is that!
And talking of odd, start thinking about your secret obsession.  I was so inspired by the weird and wonderful comments on this years giveaway that I thought a linky feature where I post my current obsession and any of you with a blog and something that is taking over your thoughts/life etc can share a blog post and your obsession- something other that fabric and sewing would be good- I like to know more about you all!  I'll put my post up next Sunday, get thinking x

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  1. You obviously have a better class of boot fair sellers where you are - that, or all the people round here have excellent taste and will never give anything up (I doubt it), or your 'locals' are clueless! Either way, it's not fair!!

  2. Lovely finds Kerry. In this month's cross stitcher mag there is a pattern exactly like the flowers on that pot. x

  3. I'd love to go car booting with you one day, you always find the best things!
    Good idea to have an obsession link up, sounds like fun! I asked random questions on my blog yesterday and it's so much fun to read the answers and get to know each other better. Sarah's answer's had me laughing for a solid ten minutes!


  4. So annoying, Blogger has not been letting me comment on your blog, it just keeps taking me back to the sign-in screen over and over and over! I missed your giveaway but just wanted to ask if you know if there's anywhere in the UK that I can get some of that gorgeous texty garden print? Fingers crossed Blogger has sorted it's stuff out now. x

  5. Oh! I can see many options for applique motifs from those sweet dominoes!! Great scores, Kerry.


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