Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday Sew in the Sun

I found this project on Flickr, a very generous free tutorial for a cover/stand for a Kindle.  All the goodies ready to sew on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Sun streaming into the backroom,  the lovely Dermot O' Leary on BBC Radio 2, dog has been walked, family time has taken place and now,  it's just me, the sewing machine and Lottie curled up watching...

A very clever tutorial, and finished in less than a couple of hours.  I love my Sony reader and now I no longer need to prop it up against random jars on the kitchen table, it has its own stand.

Clever little foldy bit makes it stand up beautifully

Bit of a wonky line of sewing at the top of the cover but in my excitement at its functionality and prettiness I will over look such trifles.

As Radiohead would say, "everything in its right place"

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