Sunday, 11 April 2010

Carboot sale goodness

Sunday car boot was enormous today- combo of sun and school holidays.  Found a few treasures...well Kathy got this for me,

A Singer doll's sewing kit to stitch on your Princess Singer Sewing machine.  This one is for Nathalie and all the instructions are in French.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the sewing machine itself in the big piles of junk we were going through to unearth treasures such as this.

Despite my atheistic status, I love a bit of Catholic iconography.  This was from a 20p irish booklet explaining the Hail Mary to children.  I like the way everyone has eyeliner halo in blue.

Welcome to Crazy Town.  Winky lives in Crazy Town.   A gorgeous print from a shabby and tattered The Big Book of Fun.  As it is already falling to bits I won't feel guilt from plundering the pics.  Funny stories including much hilarity form Mrs Flaherty who went to sleep with an apron on her head and ends up with her neighbour being arrested for trying to murder her.  All works out fine in the end!  Bizarre story for children...


I just loved this, including the title, Flan Pie.  It illustrates a game.

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  1. Everything from the car boot (pamphlets and books) look so at home here. This is their second chance.


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