Friday, 13 May 2011

Sent and Received

Sent to Kaelin, as part of Pretty Little Pouch swap: Clutch pouch with magnetic snap.  Kaelin (The Plaid Scottie) had a lot of little purses in her swap mosaic so that gave me the shape idea.  I went through her galleries and profile in the usual secret stalking way for favourite colours and patterns plus she had dropped some hints about green, houndstooth and bows in her swap info- all very helpful!
I love doing the research and finding all the different fabrics.  It takes me a while but it is an enjoyable and creative activity.   The little bow are detachable- I found the idea at How About Orange
I stuffed the bag full of goodies: houndstooth scarves for Madmen moments, fabric, chocolate, tape measure.   She did a funny blog entry with a great little pic of the bag living in Beauty's castle along with  Cogsworth and Lumiere- check it out here. I madea scrappy piece of fabric for the pouch pieced using the idea in this tutorial by Lady Harvatine.  Added the stitches and then cut out the bag shapes.

This was a little sketch book and cover for Anne of Film and Thread.  She so kindly sent me a big box of stamps that she no longer used and I wanted to give her soemthing back..  She is a talented sketch and she likes to be out on the move so I wanted something small and portable.  

Simple little shape with a couple of little vintage spool blocks.  

I thought the turquoise/yellow ripple looked like the sort of marbled lining paper that you used to find in hand made books.
It is happily with its owner.
Happy weekend x
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  1. What nifty makes and fabulous fabric choices !!

  2. I LOVE that sketch book cover. It's perfect in every way. As it the pouch you made Kaelin. Wonderful!

  3. Your darling sketchbook cover made me smile so much when I opened the mail. It really reflects your style and it is such a treasure. Thank you!

  4. Anne's sketchbook makes me smile every time I look at the picture. The spools are too cute. The bag is awesome too.

  5. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [14 May 02:15am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  6. kerry, these are so amazing. Love all the little details you put into each project! I just realized now that the pouch is pieced together, wow totally amazing, I thought it was just a single piece of fabric at first glance. beautiful!

  7. I love the way you put into so much thought and effort to make something your recipient will definitely like! Your pouch is so original and lovely! The sketchbook cover is cute too! Adorable hand stitching!

  8. Wow, lovely gifts! I really want to have a go at that spool pattern soon!

  9. i already gushed over your pouch on flickr, but i have to add that it *still* makes my heart skip a beat to look at it. you are amazing.

  10. Oh! You are so talented! Love the bag and so genius that book cover!


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