Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Block Party

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Quick, entries finish today!  I just saw this earlier at Lilys Quilts and thought I'd better get a shift on!  
If you are visiting from Quilt Story Block Party, hi, I'm Kerry, I live in a little city near the sea in the UK and this blog is my sewing and vintage life.  I've pulled out blocks for each category, traditional, modern and creative and they all started from Ringo Pie Flickr bee

Traditional- Vintage Union Jack
This is as traditional as I have gone in a block and the tradition is more to do with the iconography of the Union Jack than being a traditional quilt block.  I used Lynne's Union Jacks as a start to get my shapes and drew it onto A4 paper.   I don't like stitching through paper so I strip pieced the red and yellow and used paper templates for the triangles.  The red is vintage Liberty- very British!  The white donkeys are vintage fabric and the yellow colour is Kona banana.  It was a fiddly block to get right, accuracy counted for a lot otherwise it would be a wonky UJ!  This was for Erica.
 Modern-Yellow Door
Mid century modern doors was Lisa's January theme and I just loved making this.  It started off with a great pic found on flickr.  I drew it onto graph paper and then traced onto freezer paper. The panes of glass were a bit tricky with their borders.  Five is to represent Lisa's birthday- I wanted a significant number for her.  The fabrics were chosen to fit the mid century modern theme.  It was the best themes and all the blocks were so ingenious and clever and communicated the house and the inhabitants behind the door.
 Creative-Vintage Spools
Vintage spool- I made this for myself to kick off the first month of Ringo Pie.  I chose collections as a theme and this represented one of my many pies of spools and reels.  I designed the block, drew it on to freezer paper  and pieced each spool separately.  The fabrics are a mix of vintage, new and gifts from bloggy friends.  I hadn't really tried anything like this before- all the Y seams  were new to me and they took a bit of mastering but I still like this and I got to keep it!  This is me in fabric form!
If you haven't already take a visit to Quilt Story  and take a look at the amazing blocks and give some comment love!
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  1. These are all so fun and so different from each other. It is just a treat to see such different styles all in one post! It would be hard to choose my favorite.

  2. Oooo just seen your blocks, fabulous! Vintage spools is my fave because I too love all things vintage :)

    Ceri (same name, different spelling!)

  3. Love them all. Love the door the most of all, closely followed by the spools. I love the UJ too of course but the other two are something special I think. Especially the perspective on the door.

  4. They are all amazing :-) I am so happy to be a part of this bee - it's really something special!

  5. Oh, I love your spools block! It's so creative!

  6. You are right Amber, Ringo Pie has been really special!

  7. I am just amazed at the level of detail you are able to get in such a small space! Very fun to take them in!

  8. You've been so inspirational to everyone in Ringo Pie! I love them all but I think my favorite block you made for the bee is the spools' one! Lucky you - you are keeping it!

  9. Hi there - just want to say your spools block in the Block Story submissions is my absolute favorite!

  10. Thankyou so much Letty, I am still reeling from winning!

  11. Me and my five year old daughter are looking at your beautiful block. We just love the thread design. Its really pretty.

  12. Love these so much! But you know that by now! Thanks for linking to our block party


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