Saturday, 5 January 2019

Welcome to 2019

As the new year kicks in we've all been enjoying a bit of family time before the daughter returns to Uni and usual work routines restart.  I've been reflecting on 2018- personally and sewing related.  A lot is changing. The sudden Craftsy marketplace changes for indie designer patterns like Sew-Ichgio has been a shock (we are still using Payhip), and I'm seeing many UK quilting shops struggling or closing.  There's been a magazine closure (Sew Now) and things are very challenging for magazines generally.  Even Flickr, where my blogging journey started, is changing its terms and reducing the free storage availability.  I'm currently working through the last 9 years of photos and deleting until only 1000 remain; it's a melancholy experience.  I like to have things to look forward to but I am not a 'goal setter', I'd rather let things evolve and see what happens.  I am thinking that its a time for me to return to what I like best- small piecing, freezer paper pieced picture blocks, Japanese fabrics and using fabric stamping again.  It feels like a new set of thoughts but I must've had this in mind when my family asked what I'd like for Christmas...

I discovered Rose Garden Patchwork- a UK quilt shop with lots of Japanese fabrics, accessories, notions and books, during the September #GreatBritishQuilter photo-hop and fell in love with it.   Shop owner Lisa posted some IG pictures from a Suzuko Koseki book that I hadn't seen before and she helped me out with the link to Amazon Japan, Chic and Mannish was a Christmas present from my brother.  It's a great book with quilts, bags, pouches and purses.  Lots of inspiration...

The wooden magnetic storage block was from my mum, bought from Beyond Measure.  I drop my scissors and my stiletto a lot so I was keen to find a safer storage option- there's a hollow area underneath with extra space and it's a beautifully made item.

These are some of my favourite fabrics from Rose Garden Patchwork.  My sister bought me this bundle and Lisa had a Christmas offer so there were extra fabric squares too.
So, whether you are a goal setter or you'd rather travel where the wind takes you, Happy New Year!  Meanwhile, I'll be watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and looking forward to seeing what unfolds...


  1. I feel so happy to add some joy to your Christmas. Feel great to share the same love to Japanese fabrics and quiters with you!

  2. My heart did an excited leap on reading that Marie Kondo is on Netflix! I’m now so looking forward to watching. Thank you for mentioning it.

    I’m sensing change and feeling unsure quite how the year will unfold too - it’s such a shame that businesses are struggling to survive in a community that, ostensibly at least, seems like a busy one.

    Your Christmas gifts look gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what you make. x

  3. Gorgeous Christmas presents, isn't it wonderful when we get something we will love and use. I like to not make yearly goals. This year I am making one goal per month, which is only a month long, I reckon that I can do things for that long and should be able to achieve things without feeling a failure. Happy New Year, may your year be full of happiness and fabric, with no drama. x

  4. Lots of lovely positivity here Kerry! I am very much looking forward to seeing all that you create in 2019, and thanks for the Netflix tip.


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