Sunday, 25 March 2018

March at Eternal Maker, Plush Addict and Village Haberdashery

Easter holidays are coming up so I thought I'd squeeze my monthly selection from my long-time sponsors so you've time to order before they start!  

  1. Outback Wife 2, Anna in Teal, Barkcloth.  Kathy's second Outback Wife collection is just as beautiful as the first.  Suitable for garments, decor, bags and quilts. Other prints are here.
  2. Kinder, Heather Ross for Windham.  Anna has seven prints available from Heather's latest collection.  See a bundle here, or individually here. 
  3. Blue Paint Stripe on Viscose.  Drapey dressmaking fabric, wide width (57"/150cm). Ideal for warmer weather garments!

  1. Makower Beach Comber.  Blue and British maritime imagery, 11 FQS! Free bag pattern designed for this collection here, and quilt pattern designed by Lynne Goldsworthy here.
  2. Liberty County Garden in Pink.  Liberty's latest quilting cotton collection, there are individual prints and a bundle in the blue colourway too
  3. Merryn, a debut collection by Diane Rooney for Makower.  According to the Makower website, Merryn is an ancient girl's name meaning "born of the sea".

  1. Sunprint 2018 by Alison Glass for Andover: Build a bundle  Saturated colour selection 
  2. Rainbow Stretch Jersey.  Cotton with 5% elastane for a great recovery!  Gorgeous bright stripes.
  3. Printed Cotton Denim-lightweight. Cute, small-scale (less than 1cm/3/8" tall) anchor motif and a fabric weight that will work in dresses, shirts, trousers and more. 

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