Monday, 15 January 2018

January Plans...

January is always a tough month, but previous years make me extra aware to take some measures to keep my mood from dipping too low.  A funeral and the fall out from my granny's death are taking a toll too so I'm working extra hard to look for the positive. I found this photo at her house last week and I already had her heart locket. It's fragile with age, dented 'rolled gold' but inside is a tiny photo of her and I remember her wearing it all through my life. I wonder if it was an eighteenth or twenty-first birthday present and that's also why she had her photo taken.
I've a new daily ritual based on Year of Wonder by Clemency Burton-Hill.  The book follows a calendar year and each day is a fresh musical suggestion and a page of background to the composer, style, genre, piece. I heard her being interviewed in November and it sounded like such a great way to expand my musical knowledge, plus her writing style is easy to read and her choices are lively and original.  So far I've enjoyed each new piece, even if just to fit the music with day's writing. I listen as I eat my toast and tea first thing in the morning, before my usual email checking, and it is a delight, I cannot recommend it more highly for anyone who loves music.

I've planned a couple of sewing projects that need a small regular commitment. Firstly, I joined Sarah Fielke's Simple Folk BOM so I could concentrate on some hand appliqué alongside machine piecing and this kicks off with the first pattern PDFs at the end of January.  So far, I've loosely planned a basic colour scheme for the frame and surrounding pieces and the nine-patches and motifs will be bright and scrappy. 

The other project I've chosen came from a chat with Helen at the first South West Modern Quilt Guild meeting of the year. We were talking about Jessie Chorley and she mentioned the Friendship Quilt Kit and it really appealed to me. It's a small coverlet featuring embroidered panels and is personalised as desired by the maker. I wanted hand sewing based project to take to The Threadhouse retreat to stitch in the evening and I feel like celebrating the things I love in stitchy form so I am happily anticipating its arrival. I have clothing plans too but I'll save those for another post. Meanwhile, I'm self-medicating via large quantities of tea and coffee and toast and biscuits.


  1. I am sorry for your loss., Your grandmother was lovely and you certainly resemble her. what lovely keepsakes to have of hers. being blessed with the skills to sew and quilt and create, this is very good for our soul. Take care and stay warm from Iowa

  2. Sending you hugs and love, Kerry. My favorite grandmother died nearly fourteen years ago(!!) and I still miss her terribly. Her name was Grace and she used to make a fuss over me and call me "namesake." Your new projects look beautiful and I think they will be therapeutic for you.


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