Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Seam Gauges

One of the most used tools in my sewing gadgets is my seam gauge.  This is my current selection, including my newest, the Seams Right from Clover.  They are multipurpose, for all kinds of sewing or even knitting and are handy for small measurements when a quilt ruler could be a big bulky or when you want something close to hand and easy to transport.

Rachel from House of Pinheiro did a brilliant post showing a plethora of uses for a sewing gauge; there;s bound to be something you've never thought of.  If I was a click bait content writer, I might say, "You'll never guess what the hole is for!"  and an afternoon that you thought you'd  spending sewing has disappeared into an apparently endless search through 40 photos to find out exactly what it's purpose is.

I bought the 'Seams Right' tool by Clover because I had one of these (cheap, cheerful and useful) but also unfortunately made of plastic and last seen melted under my iron with rather devastating results for the soleplate.  So this is a sturdier metal version, a bit like a mini version of the Dritz Ez-y hem.  It's very handy for checking seam widths, especially if you sew for many purposes- ¼" for patchwork, ⅜" for knits, ⅝" for clothing etc and the buttonhole gauge is useful too.  

My first use for it was when binding a quilt- it's just right for measuring the last ¼" along an edge at the corner where you stop and mitre the binding before turing. 

I have an appliqué project planned and I though I'd use it a lot for that - I can eye ball a ¼" but I do like to check, either when I'm adding a scant ¼ seam or even if I'm hand quilting and sewing ¼" from a seam line.  I've added links for various shops to buy online, including sponsors but they are generally widely available.


  1. The black 6" Seam gauge (shown above) has been my go-to for any hemming I did over the years. I've never seen anything like your newest one - how neat. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I don't think I've ever bought a seam gauge. I inherited 3000 (lol) of them of various dimensions and brands. Definitely a tool that gets used a lot and it's nice to have one in every spot. (mine are all metal - made before plastic).

  3. After 10 years of sewing I was gifted a seam gauge and wondered how I had ever turned a hem properly without one! Jo x

  4. Oh, that gauge with the point turner ~ I need one!
    I've got my Grandmother and Mother's seam gauges. I've been using my Mom's since I started sewing clothing at 8 years old! That's a LONG time!
    Thanks for the information!


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