Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Simple Sampler Quilt-Along

These are all my little fabric scraps.  It's a packed carrier bag full, all sorted by colour into small zip lock bags.  Some of these date back years.  I dip in from time to time but they are mostly neglected and taking up a corner of the room.  When Fiona and Julie from Sewing Directory announced their quilt-along using the ten-part Making A Quilt Series I wrote for their website, I thought I'd just observe but my scraps are calling and I'm going to make another small lap quilt with the quilt-along using these scraps. 

 Hashtag: #simplesamplerQAL

I'll have to dip into other fabrics as many of my scraps are on the small side and won't cut into large enough pieces to make some of the squares and half-square triangles but I'm going to use it as a starting point, my first resource.  The rest of my fabric is in drawers and that includes lots of pieces smaller than fat quarter size and they'll be joining in too.  My colours and prints will be bright and multifarious.

It is a beginner friendly quilt-along and all the block posts are already online so you can plan ahead if needed.  If there's a basic aspect of piecing that's been a sticking point for you, whether that's flying geese or foundation paper piecing, it's covered in straightforward way.  To read more including supply discounts  (up to 17th Sept) check out more here.  Stuck on which fabrics to choose?  I wrote a post on how to choosing fabrics for a quilt, and guidance on how much you will need.


  1. Looks like a very helpful series. I have just started a scrap quilt and it's really satisfying to be creating something out of odds and ends, it's actually quite addictive. My quilting skills are so basic though and I am so terrible at exact cutting so things don't really line up. Happily, the quilt will be so busy that no-one will really notice!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt grow!


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