Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Easily Distracted...

When a big project like the Farmer's Wife 1930s quilt-along comes to an end it does feel like a loss.  I was making two blocks a week for the last year and although I need to set the blocks and sew them all together, this does not have the appeal of the weekly puzzle of making two new blocks.  So, I find myself distracted, procrastinated and itching for something shiny and new despite needing to complete some age old projects.    I'll admit, for me it's all about the block, when it comes to sewing them all together, I start to lose interest.

It started with Maribel (Annabel Wrigley for Windham) arriving at M is for Make, plus a discount off sale items so the Flight Map Quilt pattern (Anna Maria Horner) snook into my basket.   I've had my eye on this pattern for ages, years even.  It's a 16-block design using clever variations on a colour theme with different prints.  It's not the most straightforward pattern and it does take some puzzling out so I decided to draw out the block in Touchdraw so I could colour in and work out which fabric was which and match up the quantities.

I haven't made a pattern where you cut everything at the beginning and then complete the same block X number of times for a considerable time but this one has a lot going on to maintain my interest.  The logical part of me questions whether an house-hold of three with only two bedrooms really needs more quilts, but my heart rules, colours in and gets ready to order what I need to make this a reality.  The colouring in really helps to understand the colour placement.  There are 20 different fabrics so I've made a grid so I'll know what is what.  Eternal Maker are stocking some of the Maribel range too and I'm mixing in some of my stash and a scrappy element to make it a little more me.  


  1. Glad to hear I’m not alone in loosing interest when the quilt blocks needed for a quilt are finished. Choosing colours and making the blocks is the best part of making a quilt for me as well! Curious to see where the new adventure will take you!

  2. I am quilting my Farmers wife quilt at the moment and am sick of the sight of it. But I find there is
    always a magical moment when it's finished and I throw it on a bed and it looks completely different.
    And you can never have too many quilts!
    And do Lottie and Buffy not count as household members? Finn and Fang claim every quilt I make as their own😸😸🐶

    1. I agree, little quilts for pets could be the answer!

  3. Another great quilt to look forward to!


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