Monday 25 April 2016

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Blocks 63 and 64: Mollie and Monette

Welcome to another week in the Farmer's Wife 1930s QAL and time to introduce a couple of blocks that are fiddly blocks that each take a little to piece together.  The first block is Mollie (p. 222, letter 108).


Fabric credits:
Unknown floral repro, originally from My Fabric House

{Please note:  I have linked to my sponsors for fabric bought through them and elsewhere for anything that has come from other shops}

For this block is based on a nine-patch construction and each square (with the exception of the centre) is pieced and they are then joined together in columns.  Although the piecing takes a while, there isn't much in the way of seam point matching.  When the squares are joined, it helps to press the seams to one side so that they will nest together in the final construction.  My fabric choices echo the block in the book with a light floral and two solid fabrics.

Rotary Cutting Dimensions 
  • Follow the cutting dimensions from the book/CD for the large + small triangles and rectangles, (and increase length and width of each shape by at least  ¼".
  • A5, B5, C5, D5: cut (4) rectangles 1" x 4"
  • For all the other triangle shapes, use freezer paper templates and this method,  You will need to trace these for shapes E1, E2, E3, E5, E6 and E7 (repeat for F, G, H and I) 

Here's a look at the reverse.

Top tips for this block
  • Pre-cut all pieces
  • Use a water based glue stick. I use Sewline, to stick the first piece of each section
  • Chain piece sections  
  •  Pressed section seams to one side
  • Flatten seams with Flatter or similar light starch spray
Monette (p. 223, letter p. 127) is based on simple shapes but the little squares are very small and are fiddly, even when foundation paper pieced.   I did find some of the seam allowances a little short in depth and below ¼" - I'm not sure if that was a quirk of printing or a problem for all but something to look out for.  Sarah Edgar of A Little Happy Place is piecing this block using the templates, read her experience and tips here. 

Remember you can:
  • Hashtag  #fw1930sqal on Instagram and add photos to the Flickr group if you like to share there.  
  • For individual blocks, you can use #Mollieblock and #Monetteblock on Instagram, Fat Quarter Shop and Angie are using these hash tags, #fw63Mollie,  #fw64Monette - I'm using both hashtag systems.
  • You can also copy and paste links to any blog posts you do on these blocks in the comments and I'd love to visit and take a look. 
Jo Green from a Life in Lists will be back next Monday with a guest post and a challenging block with four tiny Y seams!

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  1. They're gorgeous as always Kerry! I've just published mine, which you can see here: Sarah xo

  2. I love how the geometric print in Monette compliments the small pieced squares - very clever!


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