Monday, 27 October 2014

October at Eternal Maker: hints of Christmas

Time for my October visit to Eternal Maker and I am feeling a little hint of Christmas as I peruse!  My daughter is keen on cross stitch so I have been looking at the embroidery section with some interest and my art was drawn in, not for the first time, to the Gera Japanese cross stitch patterns.  I mention these now in case you want to complete one for Christmas.  This one is Santa's House, it measures approximately 6" x 8".

This one is Santa has Come 2 and comes up slightly bigger  6 1/2" x 8 ½".

Both these patterns use DMC embroidery floss and Eternal Maker have a conversion chart to convert DMC threads to Cosmo threads (Lecien's stranded embroidery floss) which is a beautiful floss to use and my personal favourite when it comes to embroidery.  Is that enough Christmas or do you want more?  Just a little?  I'll mention a Scandi print in a couple of colours, Folk Art Holiday by Gina Martin for Moda, available in Scandi Christmas grey on red and the reverse colours, Scandi red on grey (love this one!).  The scandianavian Christmas aesthetic always gets me every year, along with Nigella's Christmas- the pictures and the recipes.

Let's return to more neutral colours and prints.  I have seen this a few times on my online visits and it always catches my eye, Yellow and White Scallops on natural, a Japanese linen blend.

I imagine this to be a heavier weight- think bags, purses, cushions.  If you want something a little more geometric, this is similar, yellow and grey squares on natural, again a linen blend.

And for a touch of cute with a neutral colour way, Lions by Cocoland

You can see this print in extreme close up too!

The seasonal colours of this beautiful Autumn Lily Red Blackbird fabrics bundle were begging to be included, the russet warm reds have a great Autumn feel.  The print in the centre is my favourite and you can find the individual prints here.

Sweetwater produce great text prints, and Elementary is no exception. 

The top print is my favrouite here although there eis a lot to like in all of them.  Many of these would work very well as quilt bindings and borders.  You can see these and other prints from this range here, and check out the turquoise prints (the colour is called 'Splash').  This is Measure Up:

And this beauty is called Calendar:

And to end, a technicolour, Kawaii cute girly bundle picked by Eternal Maker Staff, Unicorns and Rainbows:

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  1. Anyone is absolutely beautiful!

  2. That cross stitch is darling ~ almost makes me want to try it again ~ almost!
    I did go to the website and got some ideas tho.

  3. After 25 years of cross stitch, I put it all away.... But I'm tempted to get it back out again as there seems to be more modern designs around now. I love the elementary fabric too.

  4. The postman and his airplane - you almost made me want to do cross stitch again.


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