Tuesday, 19 November 2013

November at Seamstar

It's time for this month's trip to Seamstar.  If you have signed up for Courtney's newsletter you will have seen some very appealing 'boy' fabrics.
This is 'My World' from Les Monsieurs collection by Michael Miller.  I haven't seen this range anywhere else, the designer behind it is called Tamara Kate and I love its style,colours and the space given for background and line.  There is a second print available,
Gorgeous isn't it?  I love spotting something new and original.   
The grey dots from Petite Street would be a good blender to go with these prints.
I mentioned felt last month and there is still time to get stitching the Make a Memory Advent Calendar that Courtney has written a free pattern for
As there is glue involved, this is an ideal project to make with young children.  I have advent stockings and Christmas decorations that I made for Lula when she was young, we added to them as she made her own decorations and now she loves getting them out and looking at what her toddler self made.
You can find all the supplies-felt, glue, etc- on one page so you can buy exactly what you need.  
Talking of Chrismtas makes, maybe you need to make a tree skirt (I do, my life is so rock and roll now I'm 43).  There are a limited number of Christmas bundles available, my favourite is the Hip Holiday stack.
and there is a co-ordinating Christmas Felt trim pack if adornment is your thing.  There are various free tree skirt patterns here made from felt, fabric, ties, scarves (some are really quite bizarre!) and some great quilted ones here.
The offer this month is that if you place an order in November, you will receive a voucher for 20% off on anything in December. 
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  1. Ooh, I'm getting such a strong LEGO vibe from that second "My World" print! You do find the most fantastic fabrics. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. I didn't think I needed more Christmas fabric, but...!!!


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