Monday, 18 November 2013

In the Pantry

Penny and I have been busy getting our latest Sew-Ichgio pattern set ready and today it has gone on sale… we are proud to present 'In the Pantry'.
Penny has included a great stacked bowl pattern with curved piecing and a video tutorial to show how to trim a curved seam quickly and easily.  I added a straight base to the bottom bowl so they could sit on a wood surface.  
There are multiple storage jar options with four different patterns with mix and match sections.
I made a runner with the bowls and jars, although I added some hanging corners so it may end up on the wall.  There are some clever cutlery blocks which Penny is adding to a runner she is in the middle of making. 
You can find the pattern info here and on sale as an instant download here and in our Craftsy shop.
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